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Pecky from the editor: Sexual taboo, new in rejuvenation and the dog Santa Claus


New on the Czech market

All lovers of quality sound and top design will be delighted with the Golden Selection of the Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen. It includes the most popular products – headphones, portable and home speakers and audio systems. The elegant Beosound Emerge speaker is a complete novelty on the Czech market. With its book-inspired minimalist design, this speaker will fit in anywhere in your home, whether it’s hidden or displayed in plain sight. And no matter where it is located, it delivers a powerful soundtrack. With Active Room Compensation, it acoustically optimizes the sound based on the specific room and ensures that music will sound flawless in any location. Whether it’s on a shelf or in the corner of a room, it allows the music to spread evenly throughout the room.

New star


The rising star of the modern Czech stage attracted attention with the hit “Be Old House” or a duet with Ben Kristova. Pam Rabbit started a new chapter in her music career just this year when she forged a partnership with Universal Music, under whose wing she released a single stuck in the cloud, cut a joint track Padám with SLZA, and beat Mirai twice in the sold-out O2 arena in the autumn. . Now the singer presents her next single, shown, which she composed, and later shot a dark video clip, for which she dug a grave in the garden. In recent months, Pam has become the star of the most successful global social network, TikTok. He regularly uploads videos about his work and allows his fans and followers to decide and get an idea of ​​the process of creating music.

santa dog


There are several Santa Claus parties for kids and adults, but the Santa Claus dog party was the only one in 19 years. The classic Saint Nicholas event is followed by a day full of fun competitions where healthy dog ​​owners can experience what it’s like to live (and compete) with a disability. This year there will also be a competition for the most popular dog – a potholder. With your participation, you will contribute to the “Help comes on four legs” training and training project for assistance dogs and signal dogs for people with disabilities, for which the proceeds from the event are intended. Remember to bring your companion pet’s vaccination certificate or passport with a valid vaccination against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, etc. Without this, we cannot let you into the premises. When? Saturday, December 3, 2022 from 10:30 am Where? Helppes dog training ground, Prague 5 – Motol, Plzeňská street, tram stops no. 9 and 10, Hotel Golf stop, entrance to the territory 10 meters from the tram stop Entrance: voluntary



Trafo Gallery has prepared a separate exhibition of one of the founders of Trafačka, Jakub Neprash, called Digital Endemics. The title of the exhibition by Jakub Neprash (1981) is based on the botanical environment. An endemic is an organism that has arisen and is found only in an exclusive geographical area and nowhere else. This is a kind of specific biological “information”, fixed in prehistory or in another time on the basis of unpredictable changes, which passes through evolution not only as evidence of itself, but also as a catalyst for processes and events involved in the further development of the whole and the connection of the past with the future. . The opening of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 19:00. More information can be found at trafogallery.cz.

living tradition


Czech porcelain from Dubi belongs to the national family table silver. For 150 years, porcelain tableware from this production has been decorating tables in the Czech Republic and abroad. And it is this brand, supplemented by several others, that the new esklo.cz store offers to more customers. The online store is mainly focused on promoting onion china, a traditional product that has been at home in Europe since the 1830s. Choose from the menu Czech handmade porcelain. For example, discover the beauty of tradition, sensitively transformed to meet the needs of today. The Bohemia Cobalt collection, which combines classic blue touches with an unconventional purist shape. The author of the collection is the leading Czech designer Jiri Pelcl. The Rokoko Nature collection also combines tradition and an unusual approach. The popular pattern comes to life with colors and thus creates an atmosphere, like in fairy tales familiar to us from childhood.

the designer herself


Bag brand Mybelka decided to listen to the wishes of its customers and enters the Czech market with a new material – vegan leather. This alternative to classic leather will surprise even the biggest skeptics with its durability and functionality. Its main advantage is that it does not come from the animal kingdom, and also that its production leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. In addition, compared to natural leather, it is easier to care for and more resistant to stains and UV radiation. As before, the shape of the handbag, belt or accessories is developed by the customer independently. In this way, she participates in the emergence of her bespoke fashion accessory, which is unique, of high quality and hers – so she can truly consider it “hers”. All of this is now available in a vegan version. The delivery time for the new Mybelka is two to three weeks. It’s time to order your vegan handbag under the tree.

Decorations are a little different.


Being a designer these days is not easy at all. You must have courage and a good idea that is also well executed. Now I came across the Fakticky brand, under which designer Petra Bindr works. In her collections you will find an amazing connection between stones, precious metal and concrete, and the result is very original and unforgettable. “A characteristic feature of my work is that each cast part is a unique original. It is impossible to create a completely identical copy, each product differs in small details,” the designer explained.

Paradise for skiers


With a total of 127.5 km of classic and 126 km of skating trails, the Tyrolean region of Kaiserwinkl, presented to us for the first time, is one of the absolute premium cross-country skiing centers in Austria. It is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. Crystal clear mountain air and snowy distances. Breathe deeply, feel your body and find your own rhythm: skiing – whether classic or skating – is in fashion. The mountainous climate of the Tyrolean Kaiserwinkl is ideal for deep breathing, as exercise and outdoor activities have been proven to be most effective at medium altitudes. The mountain valley between the Chiemgau Alps in the north and the northern part of the Kaisergebirge offers ideal conditions for both demanding athletes and beginners. The local scenery is the same as the picture. At the foot of the Wilder and Samer Kaiser mountains, in the towns of Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss, you will find an extensive network of well-prepared cross-country skiing trails. With our own cross-country ski equipment, two cross-country ski runs are passable even when Mother Nature takes a break. As soon as it’s cold enough for snow to fall, we guarantee you’ll be skiing here!

Be original


If you’re the type of smartwatch lover who suffers from originality, you should dress up. Samsung has prepared a limited edition of straps for the Galaxy Watch in collaboration with Project Rehab. Straps with a unique color coating on the original white or black leather strap are available exclusively in the Czech Republic, in Samsung branded stores. The limited edition consists of only 150 straps for women’s and men’s watches, and their recommended price is 1490 CZK. Thanks to the collaboration with the Project Rehab studio, behind which designer Katerina Marsunova stands, the Galaxy Watch receives the stamp of originality. Previously available in a solid color scheme, they are now getting the original design from Project Rehab, which is characterized as “REHABILITATION from mass, uniforms and uniform fashion to unique, original and distinctive “balloon” items.” The studio was founded in 2015 and two years later developed special Rehab 3D rubber paints that can be applied to any surface and, in the case of textiles, can be washed without discoloration or fading.

Luxurious rejuvenation


With a new line of luxury cosmetics Active-12, developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, the YES VISAGE clinic comes! All-in-One super care Active-12 cream, serum and spray contains 12 of the most important and essential super-ingredients that are key to protecting, regenerating, dramatically rejuvenating and healthy skin. And in concentrations that are unlikely to be found on the market, and even more so in commercial cosmetics. The active substances are in such optimal proportions that they work synergistically and are suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type. The price is from 2690 CZK and it can be purchased at YES VISAGE clinic branches and in the clinic’s online store.

Cookbook for children


DO NOT TOUCH THIS KNIFE, DO NOT SWITCH IT ON, BE CAREFUL… Almost every child hears these words in the kitchen. At the same time, it’s such a shame! Children are better cooks than we think. Roman Stasha has prepared for them recipes for the whole year, with which they will need help only occasionally. But it will be better if the whole family starts it together, because love goes through the stomach. No more frozen pizza – discover dishes that both kids and adults will love! “The chef is trying to convey to children and their parents the recipes for healthy, varied and tasty dishes, which are also accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Matej Pospisil. I tried to show kids that they don’t have to eat junk food to have fun,” says Roman Stasha, winner of the MasterChef 2020 culinary competition and the 2020 Social Media Awards and a chef at Breakfast with Novaya.

Develop sexual intelligence


The Acropolis Palace will come alive for one night with eroticism in various forms at the Bohemian Taboo Road Show, subtitled “How to Develop Erotic Intelligence”. Not only original large and small photographs, canvas, oil, digital art, unique designs of intimate accessories, hand-sewn underwear with cutouts, but also a panel discussion moderated by writer, poet and slammer Anna Beata are waiting for you. Háblová, for the author’s reading of the co-author of “Bohemian Taboo Stories”, Japanese shibari bondage, acrobatic numbers, burlesque and a mesmerizing light and dance show. During the evening there will also be an opportunity to purchase or order exhibited works and paraphernalia, and at the end of the program there will be an autograph signing.

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