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Do you know what the symbols on cosmetics mean? We have a guide for you


You’ve probably already noticed the credits on cosmetic packages. You can find these symbols on body creams, shampoos, and also on lipstick or powder. In short, they are on all beauty products and contain important information to help you choose the right product in your search. From them you will learn when you have to use cosmetics after opening them, whether they are suitable for sensitive skin and what they are made of. But what do the individual pictograms on the packaging mean? We bring to your attention a glossary of the most common.

Best before date

Under painting with open cup the expiration date of the product after opening is hidden. Given in months. Cosmetic products that, even without opening, have a shelf life of less than 30 months, must be provided with a minimum shelf life. In addition, a limited expiration date is indicated by the hourglass symbol on the packaging. If the shelf life of the product in the closed state exceeds 30 months, it is not necessary to indicate the date on the product.

Electronic tag

If you find a small e on a product, it means that it complies with European legislation.

Additional Information

The open book symbol with a hand tells you that you can read more information about the product somewhere else. The reason is often that the package is too small to print all the information.

green dot

Black circle with white arrow means that the manufacturer has donated the packaging of the product to an organization that sorts and recycles packaging waste.


These three letters are the abbreviation for the Czech language. certified natural cosmetics. If you find it on cosmetics, then you are sure that it has a purely natural composition and is environmentally friendly.


In addition to the natural composition, the organic additive ensures that it has been a product made from organic raw materials obtained from organic farming. The mandatory content limit is at least 20%.

What do the symbols on cosmetic packaging mean?
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Ecocert is an independent international company engaged in the control and certification of products containing raw materials from controlled organic farming. If you buy a product with this label, it is made up of at least 95% natural products and some comes from organic farming. Products marked with the Ecocert trademark must not contain genetically modified raw materials, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicones, PEG derivatives, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and ingredients derived from dead animals.


The vegan label hides certified cosmetics, which ensures that the products and all their ingredients are safe. purely vegetable origin. Products with this label must not contain ingredients of animal origin.

HCS or rabbit symbol

The HCS abbreviation or jumping rabbit symbol ensures that no component of a cosmetic product is not tested on animals.

Dermatologically tested

The product has been tested skin tolerance and this confirmation should mean that you are not at risk of developing a rash or other reactions after use.

Czech product / Czech product

It is not surprising that under this brand you will find a product of domestic production. At least 50% of raw materials originally from the Czech Republic. Otherwise, a completely new product from foreign raw materials must be created, and not just repackaged.


A product labeled as such has been tested on a human sample. with problem sensitive skin. If it can be proven that these people do not have a reaction, then the product can be labeled “sensitive”.

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