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To avoid confusion: Forget about this frequent embarrassment!

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Slits on a new coat, jacket or skirt must be torn or cut immediately after purchase. The false seam is designed for storage and transport so that the garment stays in shape. This was confirmed by the Czech fashion designer. Eliska Tomkova works under the pseudonym Elisha. He adds: “They are sewn in just to make the clothes hold their shape nicely on the hanger and thus be easier to pack into a box or bag when you buy them. In short, to make the coat or jacket look good when it sells.”

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The fact that the false suture is usually sewn together also encourages us to cut it. free single stitch and sometimes for more emphasis it is also in contrasting thread color. If you don’t, coat after clothes it will do the opposite, not so flattering service. Not only does the slit bulge ugly and strangely, which will literally shame your coat, but on the other hand, it is really impractical – the sewn-in begins to interfere with free movement. In the end, slots are needed in order to make it easier to move. And ladies are mistaken in this no less than men.

Caught in the Prague metro.

They also keep the pockets of their jackets sewn up, which are more ingeniously sewn with small stitches. Their purpose is similar to the back cuts of a coat. However, their removal requires a more careful approach. “You need small scissors to cutperfectly groomed – note ed..), those of you who have a sewing corner at home can use a washcloth”, designer advises.

This very common fashion faux pas is then profusely accompanied signature labels on the sleeves of suits, which are also meant to be cut off, as well as labels sticking out from under newly purchased shoes. Elishka Tomkova then adds that overstuffed coat pockets, often mistaken for handbags or backpacks, don’t work either. We overload our pockets and thus destroy our outerwear. They are designed to keep our hands warm from the cold, not as a shelter for all our (sometimes unnecessary) things.

And how to care for wool to prevent its aging and destruction? “Forget about acrylics and artificial materials. The winter coat must be made of wool. Keep an eye on the pile, and even if you love it, don’t wear it to shreds. Frayed or torn seams do not add beauty. Take care of it, air it, steam it here and there, and comb it.” concludes the designer.

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Source: Blesk

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