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This week on the street: Skyler’s hard blackmail, Prokop’s blindness and Nyklova’s cruel remorse


The Shimon case is still the number one topic at the school, which causes a lot of trouble, especially for Prokop as the school’s acting headmaster. The more information comes to the surface, the more shocking it is to find out what Shimon, who has been bullied for a long time, went through. But now how to approach the whole matter? Who is the real culprit and what punishments should be imposed? Prokop also relies a little on the police investigation, although in this case he has no alibi. On the contrary, he opposes the whole affair and tries to mediate the situation at the school, where the atmosphere could be broken by Shimon’s short circuit.

Katerina and Lumir are happy that they are together, that they have found their way to each other. They love each other, overcome all kinds of obstacles together. But very often they face the main problem – Lumir’s family. Although almost all of his loved ones root for them, it takes very little for this to magically change. As soon as Ingrid hurriedly leaves for Malkovo, the culprit will be clear to Wilma Nyklova. Catherine definitely pushed her away from Lumir. So far, she’s tried to be understanding, but now she’s finally running out of patience. She says something to Lumir’s face that she will later regret, something she can’t take back.

Knowing yourself and resisting temptation is sometimes very difficult. Even Frantisek already knows this, who a few days ago again, years later, fell under the spell of Skyler. Now he has to face the consequences and his black conscience towards Bara. She has no idea what happened between Skyler and Frantisek. She would not have thought of such a thing in a dream, because she completely trusts František. František now feels even more miserable. Unfortunately, it will be even worse when Bara returns home in a month. It wouldn’t be Skyler if she didn’t put more under the cauldron. He cares about František, wants him back, so he pushes him against the wall and forces him to make a decision that Bara will not like very much.

It sometimes takes a lot of courage to pursue your dreams and face the challenges of going to market with your skin. Now even Magda could talk about it for a long time. She still doubts herself, but because of her mother’s message, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and do something that was almost unthinkable for her just a few weeks ago. In addition to Ota, she is now cheered on by her students. They not only cheer for her, but even fully participate in the implementation of her new challenge. He and Ota are preparing a little surprise for her, which will surprise only a few. However, Magda will experience a much greater shock from Prokop, who is so busy solving Shimon’s case that at first he does not even understand what Magda has decided to do.

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