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Black Friday or pre-Christmas shopping is here. Where to catch the biggest discounts?

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When is Black Friday and where does it come from?

Black Friday, translated as Black Friday, falls every year on the fourth Friday of November after the American Thanksgiving holiday. So this year drops on 11/25 The introduction of this term is associated with the economic crisis in the United States, which greatly affected the world economy. After the crash on the New York Stock Exchange, some sellers organized a whole day of discounts to get out of the loss and get buyers in the mood to buy again. This is where the name “black” came from, symbolizing the black plague of all merchants.

How much do Czechs save per year? You will learn about this from the video:

How does it work in practice?

However, many stores do not offer discounts on this day, but usually last for a whole week. For some traders even longer, as is the case with datatartwhich offers discounted items throughout November, u Alzy.cz then discount promotions run from November 9th and end on November 27th. These major consumer electronics retailers have different discounts and will please everyone who wants to please themselves with a new mobile phone, washing machine, refrigerator, laptop or TV.

You can also find daily discounts on a certain range of goods that stores offer customers all week before Black Friday. These are mainly clothing stores, so right now you will get a 20% discount on cardigans and sweaters in Marks and Spencerup to 70% discount on zoot whose Zalanda. So what discounts will you catch today?

Where can you get the biggest discounts?

Therefore, the most profitable purchase of clothes can be found in the already mentioned Zoot or Zalanda, discounts reach up to 70%. The same goes for the online store. Answear.czwhere you can also get discounts up to 70%, but the selection offered is constant compared to the daily changing offer from previous sellers. You will find more than 150,000 products in it, and when you download their application, you will receive an additional -10% on the selected assortment. The promotion is valid until November 28, 2022. However, new underwear can also please you. Astratex. Discounts up to 70% are offered here, they will last until November 23. From 24 to 27 November, discounts up to 80%! This is the biggest Black Friday in the history of the brand.

Discount shopping awaits you at Vemzu.cz, where with code CERNYCH20 you can get up to 45% off on fashion, home, lifestyle and wellness items. After that, the store has a pleasant discount of 50% deichmann Selected models and their promotions are valid until November 28 or while stocks last. You can also find 25% off in stores H&M or CCCthe shoe retailer, in addition to a 25% discount on a new collection, also offers -10% on discounted goods.

If you don’t know the size, bet on jewelry or perfume.

You like to please yourself with clothes, but mostly you give yourself a gift, because sometimes it can be difficult to determine the right size. For gifts to your loved ones, focus on online cosmetics and perfume stores, such as Notino.cz, where up to 40% off applies to selected brands with a black discount code. It also offers up to 40% discount Sephora on selected bestsellers 30% until November 23, then can be found in Douglas. You can also give your loved ones jewelry from Pandora 20% off, sparkling accessories Swarovski with discount up to 30% or from Washerwhere discounts are limited to 40%.

fashion wallet from whistlingwhich you can get up to 60% off. There are also designer accessories and furniture for Bonamiwhere discounts reach up to 70%. Then you can please your grandmother with a set of dishes Tesco with a 20% discount. And the partner? Definitely with shorts Styxhere you will find everything with a 60% discount, until November 27th.

Get inspired by discounts in the photo gallery!*

*Please note that some discounts may not be valid due to changes in the merchant discount program.

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