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20 gifts for women: We know what to buy when you don’t know the size of clothes or shoes!

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Don’t worry about gifts, we’ve got twenty tips for you that will make every woman you plan to give happy. And if you do not dare to immediately buy a dress, shoes or new underwear, do not hang your head. You can go out for such a gift at any time and take your wife with you to try it on calmly. Or get a voucher for shopping at your favorite brand or for a wellness vacation! This will definitely not offend you, and besides, it will extend Christmas until the moment when the recipient chooses her gift.

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You can’t go wrong with these gifts. Get inspired!

Even if you don’t know the exact size, you can still get something trendy under the Christmas tree! Add-ons are perfect for this. Now you just need to know if the person you plan to gift prefers timeless scarves, practical gloves, or maybe a purse or wallet. Or do they crave a new watch, bracelet or necklace? What you choose is up to you!

Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to just clothes or jewelry. Many women value quality cosmetics, a good book, designer linens, a quality candle, or various health and beauty accessories.

Get inspired by our photo gallery before shopping!

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