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This is true? Valenka is back! But this year they are finally tasteful

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UGG boots on the wave of fashion in 2000

2000 years. A style that reflects the fashion of 20 years ago. it got its name from a computer programming error in 2000 that threatened to bring down the banking system, power plants, or collapse air traffic. This trend has now swirled the waves of fashion and has taken a clear upper hand. This is not only about the appearance of wider jeans with a low hip line, metallic inserts, but above all about the return of the so-called Uggs, which have regained popularity thanks to famous beauties. And here it is again.

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In 1995, the paintings traveled the world. Pamela Andersonwho wore tall beige boots with a red one-piece swimsuit and a plunging neckline. They warmed her legs before filming the cult TV series Coast Guard. Another milestone that took these shoes to the top was 2000, when the host Oprah Winfrey marked as one of her favorite things. Almost every year since the 1990s, he’s compiled a list of favorite foods, from clothing to food to technology. And to make matters worse, the idols we looked up to wore ugg boots. Kate Moss with them she had slightly wider hips, which she tucked into her shoes. She complemented them with a turtleneck and a fur vest. Nicole Richie she wore them with dark denim shorts, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to sweatpants. According to the description of the styling of that time, their wearing may seem contradictory. Sometimes to the beach in a bathing suit, sometimes in a cocoon in winter? How can we understand this?

The origin of traditional shoes and the American giant

Although these boots have become big business for the American UGG brand, trademarked by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, origin comes from Australia. There naming “uggs” stands for generic term for the unarguably most comfortable sheepskin and sheepskin boots. However, their exact origin is highly doubtful. The beginning of their commercial production dates back to the 1930s, when the first shoes are said to have appeared in the Blue Mountains. protection from cold and winter. They later gained popularity in the 1970s, they were designed by Australian surfers at the time to absorb water from wet feet and keep them warm, as the sea is abnormally cold there in summer..

However, behind the history of the American giant is Brian Smith, an entrepreneur, surfer and today’s in-demand business leader.who moved to Southern California in 1978 to pursue his dream. He began selling sheepskin boots, which have become a symbol of beach culture, at Californian surf shops. After 17 years, when his business reached $15 million in sales, he sold the business to Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Later, the UGG brand expanded its range beyond its icon to include apparel and accessories.

Today’s UGGsmania

And what form do they have now? According to current trends and the UGG collection of early 2022, presented by the brand at the beginning of the year. led by singer and actress Cherare much more minimalistic. In the campaign commercial, in which the 76-year-old icon leads viewers through the exotic home’s meditation room, she wears exquisite slippers and classic mini shoes. And this one contemporary style icons favored a more elegant bottom version. – from Kaia Gerber to Kendall Jenner, as well as world and Czech fashion influencers who set the direction of fashion. For beige and brown shoes, she chooses leggings or straight jeans, which can be played with minimalist coats and warm sweaters.

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Loved and hated

All my life I have either been hated or loved by people. I mean you want to be loved but in the end… I don’t careCher said in an ad campaign, reflecting on her dream of becoming a movie star. However, in the original version, the ending was said much harsher.

A similar metaphor lies dormant in relation to these warm boots. They are both hated and loved. We hated them for their quick decay and shabby appearance, loved them for their sheer convenience. However, this year we will probably love them not only because of the comfort, but also, finally, because of the inspiring style from Instagram.

You can see not-so-common celebrity styles after 2000, as well as current versions of these shoes in our photo gallery:

Source: Blesk

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