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Vendula Pizingerova: I have been fighting cellulite all my life

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Today we were here, with Mr. Professor and his research for Deadia cosmetics, to witness the discovery of almost an elixir of youth. Would you like to stop time?

Strange question, I probably didn’t ask it. Maybe I would like to stop time, because now I have a lot of energy, I have no pain and I am healthy. In terms of design, this no longer matters, although the earthly appeal is certainly there. And when we see so many women trying to stop aging, it sometimes becomes more comical than anything else. So, I have cellulite remedies at home, and today I kind of thought that I could move a little with regularity.

So regularity is what gives you problems?

Regularity is a problem for me, because I have a job, a small child and we have him, unlike men. The guy comes home in the evening, does exercises in advance, goes to friends, but everything is different with you. I don’t have much time for myself, but I know it’s definitely important. The products that have been discussed here today are mainly important for the lymphatic system, which in many of us is not fully functional or blocked. For example, I also go for lymphatic massage, it helps with drainage, and it’s nice to complement it with this care.

Watch the video interview with Vendula about motherhood at any age:

I know women who have told me that they would never put on a mask in front of their husband to see the beautification process. How are you?

I think guys don’t need to see everything. But once I had some kind of face mask, and my husband says to me: “You always apply some kind of cream, it’s still useless.” These guys take it differently, it’s a bit comical for them. Of course, with the idea that a woman should always be beautiful and well-groomed in front of a man, this would be corrected, but on the other hand, it happens that you get sick with covid and you have a fever of forty, and the guy also sees you not quite in that condition in which you could go to the National Theatre.

It has been said perfectly here that about 85% of women have cellulite, and those who do not have it are special.

It affects hormones, but I also think it has to do with diet. We are talking about the use of carbohydrates and other other snacks. But I’ve always been a bit inclined towards it, but maybe my mom didn’t have it. It would be nice for everyone to have this information, and then it will be possible to rely on it and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, I think that 85% of the nation does not know that everyone should have it.

When do you remember when you first started fighting cellulite?

I’ve been wrestling with her for probably ages. Now I have to find a system for exercise and everything again, because I’ve been kind of on a cycle for two years now. So I believe that everything will work out for me, because sometimes you get tired and just don’t feel like it.

A small child would probably drive any mother crazy.

I always thought that women can’t do anything, that it’s kind of weird, but I had very good children. But now I have such a very fast child, so I understand this now.

With a fast kid, you have the other side of the gym!

So don’t worry, I don’t fly. Now we were in Egypt and I couldn’t count how many times I lifted him up to jump out of the pool.

I’ve seen a few videos, so this is really a fearless jumper, he jumps into everything with his head?

Yes, of course, and I still have a lot to look forward to, this is just the beginning.

Christmas is coming, how do you prepare for it after returning from the warm-up?

I don’t have gifts, I’ll just buy them. I don’t know what to buy for a little one. These kids have everything, so I don’t know.

It is a question of many mothers that children receive so many gifts even from the rest of the family that they are uncomfortable.

They know they have a lot of these things at home, so I believe they will tame themselves. Now we buy him more books and drawings, things that improve motor skills and perception, and dad gives killer gifts, so everything is in order.

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