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Dresses for Christmas: Enjoy the sparkle, glitter and fragility! 30 Ornament Inspired Tips

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As little girls, we couldn’t live to see a magical Christmas. We were looking forward to the moment of surprise that Santa would bring us under the tree. All day we nervously walked around the apartment, with a curious and joyful twinkle in our eyes, and hypnotized the Christmas tree, the aroma of which spread throughout the house. Now, in adulthood, the joy of gifts has left us, but we can return that girlish gleam to the eyes again. From the joy of others, we give gifts, but also from the fact that we become a decoration of the Christmas table. An evening when we feel gorgeous and very special…

How does designer Tatyana Kovarzhikova feel about Christmas fashion? You will learn about this from the video:

Colors of Christmas and no minimalism

And in what else will we be a nice lady, if not in a dress? The ones we don’t wear every day. Definitely do not choose a knitted turtleneck dress that will accompany you all autumn and winter. Also, dresses made of leather or leatherette will not cause you a festive atmosphere, but vice versa. The leather look, despite its elegance and sophistication, also makes a somewhat bold impression, but you don’t want to look like that on the Christmas tree. You want to feel like jewelry shining on it!

And that’s the whole point. About brilliance and radiance, fragility and originality. Signs that carry glass ornaments. So don’t be afraid to paint yourself in their colors in the colors of Christmas. That is, in shades of red, green, gold or silver. However, elegant black is also not forbidden. The choice of color is not the only criterion for an appearance with a touch of elegance and nobility. This time, focus on the details and eschew minimalism. They are welcome interesting detailssuch as plunging necklines, sparkling sequins, bows, fringes, and feathers. Extravagance will also be created holiday materials in the form of satin or velvet.

However, excessive exposure of the skin and emphasis on it is the only thing to be avoided. If the short length of the dress increases your self-confidence, then you should not choose it along with open arms and a deep neckline at the same time. If you’re wearing a v-neck with a mini dress, opt for long sleeves – three-quarter length or one that covers the entire shoulder. Do not open up completely and be magical, like this whole magical day.

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