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Editors’ Choice: Ball of the Season, Legendary Furries, and Free Culture

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Timeless design


Treat yourself to hot tea or coffee, which is always at hand. The Scandinavian brand Eva Solo is a guarantee of quality and timeless design. Choose one of the thermoses from the Nordic Kitchen collection, which follows the minimalist Scandinavian tradition. Thanks to simple shapes and materials, it fits into any kitchen and interior. Stainless steel or black matte plastic complemented by an oak handle. Thermoses have rounded edges and a simple filling system that won’t spill a drop. Thanks to the vacuum insert, drinks stay hot for a very long time. The collection is made from durable materials that will last a long time. Choose your thermos at home, in the country or on the road. You will find this and much more from the collection in the online store esklo.cz.

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Find out how to get rid of stress in the body:

Like new in new

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January is a time of great change and new beginnings. If you have made a New Year’s resolution and want to get your body in shape, start with a pleasant and effective cleansing of the body. In the beautiful Spa & Wellness Aquapalace Prague, a luxurious package of services has been prepared for all visitors since January. The new spa and fitness package, specially designed for the January detox, includes aromatic and herbal massages that can relieve tension, improve sleep quality, increase physical performance, and alleviate pain in general. Throughout your visit, you will enjoy relaxing in the beautiful spa areas, where even after a massage, you can enjoy herbal tea to cleanse your body and mind. For an overview of your body composition, the package includes an InBody survey that will show you accurate body data. The last part is a visit to the fitness center at Aquapalace Prague, which is divided into two floors. Everyone finds their place. The whole package is specially designed for complex reboot and detoxification of the body.

Lipstick not to be missed


Once the role of lipstick was to give color to the lips, today much more is expected of it. Beautify, illuminate, hydrate and heal – all perfect for all day long. That is why, of the eleven types of lipsticks and glosses available from Dermacol, the two-phase lipstick 16H Lip Color is the best-selling one. It will not disappoint you with its pigmentation or durability. The kit also includes a nourishing balm that will add shine and nourishment to the lips. Tomasz Vida, a makeup artist who has been with Dermacol for ten years, has been using it for many years. “There is a wide range of shades to choose from and new ones are added regularly. My favorite is natural pink shade #35. But there is also a red, deep pink or nude shade to choose from.”

Lest we forget


As part of the fourth literary meeting at the Slavia Café, which will take place on the birthday of Karel Capek on January 9 from 19:00, visitors will have the opportunity to re-enter not only Capek’s work, but, above all, Olga’s personality. Scheinpflugová and their life together. The evening will be accompanied by Hasan Zahirovich, an expert on the work of the Czapk brothers, accompanied by actors Stela Khmelova and Marek Zeman. Admission to the literary evening is free. Reservations must be made through the cultural portal GoOut.net. The life and work of Karel Capek is a relatively frequent topic in the Czech environment, much less is written about his wife, the famous actress Olga Sheinpflugova. The literary and musical program will focus on her personality and the fact that Olga was not only an actress, but also a very prolific writer. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to excerpts from the correspondence, published under the title “Letters from Olga”, revealing the extraordinary relationship between these two personalities. There will also be excerpts from Chapka’s plays, in which Sheinpflugova played key roles for the first time. During the evening, visitors will learn about the various aspects of the couple’s life. It will be about their correspondence, joint trips around Europe, mutual influence in literary work, as well as interesting things about which little was known until now.

A bright declaration of love

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The greatest treasures are always cleverly hidden inside, waiting to be discovered. Chocolate bars with raspberries are the same! Premium white chocolate hides the secret in refreshing freeze-dried raspberries with crushed almonds and crunchy chips. There is no other answer to such a confession than a sweet “yes”.

Persistently fragrant


Let’s take care! Eco-friendly shopping has already become a matter of course for many. And even in the cosmetics industry, clean and environmentally responsible products are in demand more than ever. The new line of CARE fragrances combines the requirements of environmental friendliness and care for appearance, and also uses recycled raw materials! As part of this innovative concept, three fragrances have been created with the names Second Skin, Clean Linen and Energy Boost. They are eco-friendly, vegan, not tested on animals and offset their own carbon footprint. The collection is presented in bottles made from recycled materials and impresses with its formula of 100% natural ingredients, which have been saved from disposal by the principle of zero waste. Just in keeping with the motto: “Smart sustainability that smells great!” All three fragrances will be available from the end of February 2023.

long awaited return


After more than 10 years, Asterix and Obelix return to the cinema screens in the fifth feature film. This time they go all the way to distant China. Here, a pair of inseparable Gauls saves the Empress and the whole country. The film’s new cast also required a new Czech dub. For the first time, domestic viewers will hear Michal Suhanek as Asterix and Michal Nowotny as Obelix. Martin Stransky will take on the role of Julius Caesar, while one of Popcornis’ new lead roles is voiced by Jakub Kohak. The production of the fifth adventure of two indomitable Gauls was directed by Guillaume Canet, who simultaneously took on the role of Asterix. His clumsy friend Obelix this time was played by Gilles Lelouch. The film will hit Czech cinemas on February 2, 2023.

ball of the season


Finally, no limits. After the uncertain time of the pandemic, we can enjoy the graduation season to the fullest. We hereby invite you to the Czech-Slovak ball, which is back in full force after two years. However, this year’s event, which will take place on February 11, will be especially spectacular. Among other things, we will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the formation of the independent Czech and Slovak Republics. And what awaits you? You can look forward to exceptional music, culinary delights, spectacular floral decorations and a few surprises. So, let’s enjoy a prom night that will be unforgettable. You can read more about the program in our article below…

Learn to bake bread


For those who not only love to eat, but also love to cook, do not miss the courses at the Culinary School of the Zlín Bistroteka Wallachia. Among the courses for 2023 you will find new Wallachian cuisine, attractive curries from four Asian countries, street food specialties or a cooking course with Roman Paulus! The course that caught my attention is about baking sourdough bread. Teacher Lenka Molkova works as a shop and bakery manager at Bistrotéca Valachy and has many years of experience in baking bread at home. She is a hearty food enthusiast who is not shy about sharing her passion, including her original recipe. You will learn how to bake rye-wheat bread on kvass, go through the entire cooking process at all its stages. And you will take home your own bread! Course dates: January 8, February 12, February 19, March 20 and March 26, 2023.

Legendary furs


The influential Chinese brand has been inspired by pandas and their unmistakable charm on two iconic Converse models. CLOT is not just a fashion brand, but a cultural movement that values ​​creativity and individuality. Its goal is to connect East with West, in capital letters in the sense of the symbolic names of two different worlds of pop culture. It has been building a bridge between the two with exceptional collections since 2003, when CLOT was founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. They carefully choose foreign collaborations and gradually expand their influence. Converse X CLOT is a limited-edition collection of two iconic Converse watches, the Chuck 70 and Jack Purcell, which are inspired by the animal world by CLOT designers. Inspired by the panda, the symbol of China, it evokes a feeling of softness and comfort. But the result is very elegant and stylish black and white models that offer a sophisticated material solution. The combination of faux fur and brushed leather with small details in suede makes this limited edition unique.

Source: Blesk

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