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Katya is celebrating her birthday! What models did she look best in last year?

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Looking at Duchess Kate, the words “superwoman” and associations with a walking fashion icon come to mind. And all this with a strong dose of charisma. He has a signature look and style that we truly believe in, over the past year has been more confident and sincere in public than ever before. And that is why we sum up the results of the previous year.

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Behind Kate’s charm is undoubtedly a clean young face, not weighed down by excess makeup. Rather, it pays homage to its own nature. It stands out for the radiant and healthy look of the cheeks, which is given to them by pink blush or bronzer, as well as nude lips, slightly turning into pink, perfectly groomed eyebrows and expressive eyes, emphasized by mascara. However, if we are talking about a solemn social event, she is characterized by a very decent smoky makeup.and.

How was your time with Kate Middleton? Watch the video on the journey from cute little girl to the most popular woman in the world:

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And as for the appearance itself, it is recycling queenthanks to which she conquered the crowds of fans. She likes to wear her models several times, but each time she gives them a new look. Her style is based on timeless and high-quality models that are very easy to combine, and there can be no question of boredom aimed at the basic color palette. Kate very often dresses models in rich and joyful colors such as shades of green, purple, pink, red and blue. No wonder we have already named the name of the late Queen Elizabeth II. became popular due to its rich costumes. Even Kate is definitely not afraid of flowers – following her example.

She conquered us with her rich colors. mostly through the models she brought out during an eight-day diplomatic tour of the Caribbean since the end of last year. She stood out above all in Belizewhere did she choose dress in the characteristic colors of the flag of the country. Kate wore Tury Burch, which was dominated by a square neckline, short sleeves, a tiered A-line and, above all, a flounced bodice. She paired it with bold hoop earrings, the blue color of which went perfectly with the dress, high platform sandals and a straw handbag. With this outfit, she awakened our energy and lured us into the summer weather, which we will have to wait for a while.

But we are completely she charmed with a spectacular, literally intoxicating pink dress from the Vampire’s Wife workshop (managed by designer Susie Cave). It stood out with its metallic relief, ruffled sleeves and bold color, yet remained very understated thanks to the playful contrast with the modest silhouette. However, this was not the first time Susie Cave had won the job. Similarly, she shone three years ago during a visit to Dublin in an emerald dress with the designer’s signature signature.

It also included our rating of Princess Kate’s favorite models. Flawless monochrome look in beige, which she recently brought to visit The Street in Scarborough, which supports the mental health of young people. While it’s a fairly minimalist look, it impressed us for several reasons. Why was he so exceptional? You can read about it in our article here:

We appreciate not only the luxurious outfits of the Duchess, but also the fact that she dresses for the occasion. If her plans are not to appear on the red carpet, but to be in nature, she does not hesitate to put on jeans, sneakers and a simple ready-made t-shirt.

What other outfits of Duchess Kate do we like so much? See our photo gallery:

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