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Martin Zunar: So I lost 20 kg and kept this weight for a year

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Do you have trouble talking openly about your weight loss struggles?

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Not at all, because obesity is a disease and needs to be talked about. People are glad that I’m so open, because some people are also worried. Life with extra pounds, and I’m not talking about three or four pounds, but overweight, is terribly uncomfortable. All spheres of life will deteriorate qualitatively.

What deterioration have you noticed in yourself?

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It is a creeping disease, it is getting closer and closer to you. Covid helped even more, there was nowhere to go. I ended up walking around the house in just sweatpants or shorts and croc slippers. Then all of a sudden the shooting started again, and I couldn’t get into the suit.

See what an obesitologist advises to maintain weight:

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And did it hurt you?

I thought, damn it, it’s impossible to look like an idiot at 54. I’ve lost my acting type by being placed in a box that selects role types. It’s not that plump actors like Jan Liebicek or Bud Spencer weren’t popular, but I wanted to lose weight. I mistook this for the right end and went for an examination to Associate Professor Matulek, head of the Obesity Center at the General University Hospital in Prague.

What are the results?

On the edge. I have high blood pressure and a predisposition to diabetes because my father had it. I also suffer from sleep apnea. This means that I snore, the body does not rest at night, because it is suffocating.

When did you start working on yourself?

For three quarters of the year I lived on calorie tables. Yes, counting kilojoules is annoying, but the way I look was much more annoying! My diet has become more varied, and I have learned to eat everything in the quantities that suit me.

How much have you lost?

I lost over 20 pounds and kept it for a year.

What does your diet look like today?

In particular, today I got up very early because I am filming. In the morning I ate two omelettes with a slice of whole grain bread. In between, I ate two apples and a banana. For lunch, two dumplings with meat and cabbage are waiting for me. Well, I know that in the evening after the performance, Filip Blazek and I will go to the pub U Buchka in Slivenets for draft beer, and there I will drink a pint, because I really want to.

Do you know how many kilojoules are in a large beer?

That’s right – about 600!

That is, you are not a supporter of strict diets and the exclusion of certain foods?

Feel free to eat a duck with three dumplings and good cabbage every six months. Nice to eat well. Food is not evil, it’s more about how we put it in our head. You have to get rid of craving, because gluttony is a disease. If we have nothing to do, let’s eat! It’s not right, we don’t need to keep stuffing our heads.

You have a demanding lifestyle, you often play in the evenings, travel from one place to another. So you’re not hungry at night?

I definitely can’t eat anything before a performance. I would have thrown up on stage. But around ten o’clock I have a light supper. I couldn’t stand the hunger. The body works, consumes energy. It’s more about not stopping at the gas station and dumping junk food there. I go to bed about an hour and by that time I have time to digest something.

Are you a well-known alpine skiing fan, did being overweight limit you even in sports?

I couldn’t put a ski suit on a pander at all!

So, are you going to ski again after losing so much weight?

Of course. In January I’m going to Lipno, and in March to the Alpine Nassfeld, to U Slovak’s dacha. I bought LUSTi ski boots from a Czech manufacturer and I want to put them on my body. First, I will climb them for 3-4 kilometers, then I will go down the classic descent.

What else do you have planned?

I want to go with Filip Blazek, who, by the way, is not only my theater partner, but also a neighbor, he lives 100 meters from me, in Ostrava on a Harley. We are also preparing to launch a new performance at the Metro Theatre.

Source: Blesk

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