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Exclusively from Ulica: Zofka, beaten by her mother, runs away from home

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The series Ulice reflects in its stories the problems that everyone solves. Most viewers can find themselves in his characters, almost everyone will be addressed by events in individual families, because he himself went through something similar.

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Zofie Dushkova (Katerzyna Ujfalushi) very worried after his father (Tomasz Petrzyk) left home. She misses her father, misses her, and he also came every day to support her. She regularly found support from him when her mother (Marcela Roichkova) destroyed her with her perfectionism. Unfortunately, this is now over. After dad left, Žofie was left alone because of mom’s excessive demands.

Mom focused on everything even more than before. He wants her to achieve the best results in school, which the nervous Zsofia, unfortunately, cannot achieve now. Although she is learning, she does not fit in the head. This, of course, stresses her even more. When she is tested by a strict professor who terrifies her, it is quite obvious that she will explode at the blackboard, and that there will be no more scenes with her mother at home.

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This will go so far that Zofia’s nerves will weaken and decides to leave home. What will be the last straw for her? That she will entrust Michal Klim (Karel Klement), who tries to help her in any way he can, because he loves her and cares about her very much? This is indicated by an excerpt from today’s edition of The Street.

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