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Retro cosmetics: our grandmothers loved these products!

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Yes, we also love to look at the shelves in the store and try new cosmetics. But sometimes it’s good to remember that even tradition has its charm. We chose products from our grandmothers’ time, which even we cannot afford. And in our gallery, you can also look at retro treasures that were once sold and many of you probably had at home.

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Cream Nivea, Nivea

This absolute classic was at home in almost every family. It was created in Germany in 1911, but received the famous blue box only 14 years later. A versatile cream suitable for the face and body, after a bath, after shaving or as a protection against the cold.

Deer fat, Regina

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The traditional Czech product was born in 1962 in Nové Mesto nad Metuji, and forty years later it manages to compete with other lipsticks. Don’t worry, it’s not made from reindeer fat, but from normal animal fats combined with petroleum jelly and paraffin.

Indulona, ​​Zentiva

This proven hand cream for dry skin is produced in Hlohovec, Slovakia. Its very first version was “born” on May 21, 1948, ten years later the classic recipe for blue indulone was created, which has not changed to this day. Witnesses know…

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Elnett, L’Oreal

Perfect hold, volume and shine – are you looking for a product that will give all this to your hair without weighing it down? Miracles like Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve and Jane Fonda kept Elnett, whose roots go back to the 50s, off. Try it too.

Great Lash, Maybelline

Czech grandmothers didn’t know about it yet, but their foreign peers have been crazy about this mascara since 1971 when it was launched on the market. Since then, many variants have been created, but even today, one classic pink and green specimen is said to be sold every two seconds.


Okay 5, Chanel

Cult perfume was introduced in 1921 by the greatest Coco Chanel. Together with the gifted chemist Ernest Beaux, she created an elegant and timeless fragrance from over eighty ingredients, including jasmine, rose, iris and vanilla. Currently, the famous “number 5” is bought annually by 10 million women.

And what other treasures did our mothers and grandmothers use? Look in our gallery:

Source: Blesk

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