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Confirmed! These celebrities compete in the toughest reality show Survivor. What are they afraid of?

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Assumption refuted

Shortly before the contestants left for the island in the Dominican Republic, many celebrities were expected to attend. The alleged main driver of the competition was to be a charismatic actor Jiri Langmeierwhen consideration of his participation was heightened by his athletic condition and hardiness. His wife, charming actress and TV presenter Adela Gondikova, denied this claim with a smile:So now we laughed a lot. We have no idea where this information came from. We don’t even know another series is in development,“, commented Super.cz.

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He was also supposed to appear in Survivor. singer and musical actor Martin Schreinerwho penetrated our hearts with his singing talent, thanks to which he made it to the big three of the sixth series of the Czech Slovak SuperStar competition. Even this claim was ultimately false, as was the participation actress Anna Kaderzhakovawhich survived the final season thanks to the involvement of her former partner, YouTuber Daniel Strauch, aka GoGoManaTV.

Then the plans fell apart at the last minute actor Roman Tomeshwho had to cancel his participation due to health problems.

Watch one of the biggest scandals of last year Survivor on video:

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So who will face the greatest challenge of life?

TV Nova confirmed the names of four members from VIP tribeswho is the actor and presenter Vaclav Matejovskyyoutuber Philip Janosbetter known in Slovakia as FiFqo or Fifo, she is a bartender, internet star and participant in the show Like House Khanka Gelnarova and former footballer Petr Shvankara.

This year in Survivor Series 2023, which starts on January 25 on Voyo, then on TV Nova on February 1, however, we can probably look forward to the model and Miss Czech Republic 2016. Andrea Bezdekovaactress, singer and model Karolina Krezlova or the characteristic face of the Octagon leading backstage Katerina Klinderova aka Kundosaki.

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Next we will probably see a poker player Barbora MleynkovaMasterChef winner Veronika Danishova, pseudonym Beskyfinalists of the contest “Person of the Year 2022” Adam Buzhek, nicknamed the Czech Tarzanbut Petra Havranek aka Pitra from the reality show Love Island. Whether these assumptions are confirmed, we will find out in the coming days.

What are the members most afraid of?

Actor Vasek Matejovski, who came to the attention of the audience mainly as Mikulas Seidl from the endless series Ulice, told TV Nova that he is not afraid of anything. Per Youtuber Filip Janoswho won last year’s reality show Pharma, spoke about his fear of poor hygiene:Maybe I’m not too afraid of hunger, but I found out that there will be no toilet or there will be nowhere for me to brush my teeth. TV Nova said. And what concerns did the former football player Piotr Shvanchara express? “I definitely don’t feel comfortable around negative people. And I will probably be bothered by insects, which I don’t really like. Spiders, mosquitoes, I don’t know what awaits us there. I will miss my family the most as I am the father of three children. But it probably doesn’t make sense to mention it. We all have to face separation from those closest to us. Overall, I have more things that interest me in this experience. I have turned down a similar challenge in the past and have regretted it. So, I feel like this second chance gentleman is showing me that I should try something like this.

A slightly different return of a beloved player

Moderator Thomas Zasterawho, with his humor, charisma, leading personality and complex skills in the competition, literally wrapped all the spectators and especially the female spectators, returns to the competition again, and in a brand new role. He will complement the experienced moderator Ondřej Novotný and thus cover the behind-the-scenes interviews with the contestants. But he will join a group of castaways from Prague.

What else is waiting for you?

Conditions on an island in the Dominican Republic will be much harsher. The survivor will be more demanding not only mentally, but also physically, full of new challenges and unexpected twists. According to moderator Ondřej Novotny, this should be a really great episode: “This year, I think we have an overlap in stuff and casting to the point where it should be a very good show.– said the host of the Nova TV channel.

Source: Blesk

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