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Jitka Schneiderova: a bet from the past turned my life upside down

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What drew you to the series Ulice?

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I liked the characterization of my role. Julie is a therapist who wants to help people and is convinced that she is doing well. I think her story will be interesting to develop further.

Do you have coaching or therapy experience?

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Not with coaching, but with therapy, I have a few. And these experiences are more good than bad. But I also met women who rather pretended to know something and could help people. I also have several female friends who are professional psychologists and psychiatrists. I myself enjoy this theme. When I was finishing school and deciding what to study, I thought about child psychology and special education.

Watch the interview with Jitka:

How do you take care of your mental health?

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Even myself, when I’m having a tougher period or there’s too much going on and I need to sort out my thoughts, I go to a therapist for a few hours. But also for the reason that our work is constant attention, a lot of emotions, it is clear that the soul is tired. And when I can go to a safe place with a therapist I trust, it’s a balm for my soul. It’s great when you can talk to a person who does not depend on your life. But it is very important that someone who has the appropriate education and really serious training has it. It’s definitely a good idea to read the rules of coaching and therapy. What are his rules? How far can the therapist go without asking. And probably how much it should cost. As elsewhere in this area, you can meet incompetent people, charlatans. Along with taking care of your mental health, it is important to take care of your physical health as well. Sometimes I go out for a run, but I admit that I do it more for the head than for the body. After that I am in a good mood. You should take care of yourself. It is important that you are surrounded by good people, eat well, exercise, and be alone regularly for a while.

How do you think Ulica audiences will react to your character?

I don’t know at all. I’m curious myself.

How would you react if someone around you turned to the person your character represents for help?

If a loved one in my area needed help and trusted me that they needed someone to recommend, I would immediately help. It is very important not to be alone in the pain of the soul.

On the set, you will most often meet Sarah Korbelova and Linda Rybova. Have you ever met at work?

With Linda, yes, several times, and I really look forward to her. I recently met Sarah and it was a very pleasant meeting.

You are very active in charity work. Is there a project that is closest to you?

Over the years, my favorite charity work has been supporting foster families in our country and transforming institutional care. I started with the Looking for Parents project, which was created under the auspices of the J&T Foundation. A new initiative “8000 reasons” has now been created, which is another project of the J&T Foundation with the support of Hledám prýtě ops. Now there are almost 8000 children in boarding schools, which means 8000 reasons for change! Every child has the right to grow up in a family. Naturally, this is the next step after the “Conviction” and “In Search of Parents” campaigns. Adoptive parents are my heroes. Adopt another being into your family who will give you unconditional love and the safety of your home. This act will fundamentally contribute to a healthier and more complete mental development of the child than if he grew up in an institution. The feeling of maternal embrace and safety at home is indispensable.

In your role as Julia’s therapist, did you consult with any specialist?

I reminisced about my experience and had some fun with the creative team about how they see my character.

More and more people are seeking therapy. How do you explain it?

It makes sense. We have three years of covid behind us. So many deaths. Sad life stories. It was a big mental load. This also applies in many ways to children who have been on distance learning and have been hit hard by the lockdown. I think even more people are beginning to understand that there is no shame in going somewhere to talk about what is bothering you. Sometimes, if you don’t, it can get a lot worse. Good therapists and psychologists are very helpful.

What brought you into acting?

It was a bet with my school professor. He told me that JAMU was opening musical acting classes and invited me to go and try because he saw me jumping, dancing, singing somewhere all the time. I didn’t want to, but I did it for fun and he won the bet, they took me. I am really grateful to him. I have a good job and I have a lot of it.

Where can your fans see you in spring other than on the street?

Be sure to go to the theatre. I have several shows in Studio DVA. I have a wonderful performance – Graduate and Smoke – at the Theater on Fidlovachka. At the Karlin Musical Theatre, they might see me in The Rebels, which they probably know as a movie.

What fills you in acting?

It’s a craft and I like to improve and discover something new, sometimes experimenting and playing. This happened to me in graduate school. I also really like my colleagues. When the plan succeeds, and we, the so-called, will play together. And the biggest bonus is when the audience likes it and sincerely applauds. I also like the feeling that I’m making people happy, and sometimes there’s a certain theme and the processing is suggestive.

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