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Lip balm test: what will protect and deal with chapped lips in winter?

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We must have some lip balms. One in your purse, one on your desk, and one at home on your nightstand. Regular lubrication can avoid chapped and inflamed lips, which also look ugly. Don’t have yours yet? Perhaps our selection will help you!

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Lip balm with aloe vera, Astrid, 59 crowns


You buy in a network of pharmacies.

I admit, I only use lip balm in winter when my lips are drier. This stick pleased me with its effects. After application, the lips are perfectly moisturized and supple, and at the same time not overly oily, which annoyed me with some other products. It was enough even to lubricate the lips just once a day.

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Grade as in school: 1

Caring Beauty Tinted Lip Balm, Labello, 95 kr


You buy in a network of pharmacies.

Labello is a good old classic that never disappoints. In my opinion, the tonic balm is more suitable for the warm season, as a quick rescue, but this winter it helped me too. I was a little worried about how pink the lips would be, but it’s really just a subtle tint. It will come in handy when you forget your favorite lipstick at home.

Grade as in school: 1

Lip balm Red Berries, Poiret, 105 crowns


You can buy at www.puaree.cz

I love fruity unobtrusive smells and proper nutrition of the lips! The cute little lip balm from the Czech natural brand Puaree fully met these requirements. I love that the balm comes in a retractable stick so I don’t have to apply it with my fingers. My lips are really very dry, not only in winter, but all year round, so after using it, I always feel great relief. I also like the fact that it does not contain any silicones and harmful substances, and also beautiful packaging. A lot of music for a few crowns!

Grade as in school: 1

BIO Supergreens Lip Balm, Booming Bob, 115 kr


You can buy at www.kosmetikabezvody.cz

This brand was new to me and I was very interested to learn about it. In winter, my lips are very dry and often burn, I have already tried several lip balms and not everyone can solve my problems. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Supergreens Organic Lip Balm. The lips had to be lubricated more often, but he always managed them with ease, wrapped them up beautifully and they were pleasantly supple and moisturized.

Grade as in school: 1

Trnka Revitalizing & Nourishing Lip Balm, Manufaktura, 129 CZK


You can buy at www.manufaktura.cz or in regular shops

Soft, warm lip balm that perfectly moisturizes. It is great for very dry and chapped lips. Completely cured in two days. I have used many balms in my life, but I have never been as pleased with any of them as I am with this one. It nourishes perfectly, smells wonderful and you don’t feel sticky lips. It is lightweight and durable. My husband, who has about three but only wants to use this one, confiscated it.

Grade as in school: 1

Repair & Prevent Lip Balm, Kneipp, 139 kr


You buy in a network of pharmacies

Kneipp cosmetics are one of my favorites and I have been using this lip balm for a long time. I really like their minimalistic packaging, which hides a huge treasure. This lip balm really takes care of all the ailments that bother me in winter. Irritation, peeling, burning lips? He can handle everything! If you are looking for a lip balm that will never let you down, this is it!

Grade as in school: 1

CBD Lip Balm, Green Idea, 199 CZK


You can buy at www.topvet.cz

A big miracle in a small box. At first glance I was attracted by the appearance of the packaging. But it will suit you only if you do not mind getting into the balm with your hand. It has a pleasant taste on the lips and is not at all sticky. Easy to apply and long lasting.

Grade as in school: 1

Protective balm and firming lip gloss with collagen, Inventia, 339 CZK


You can buy at www.nezestarni.cz

Do you dream of soft and juicy lips? Then you should try this Collagen Lip Booster which will take good care of them. After use, lips are soft, moisturized and nourished thanks to shea butter, jojoba, squalane and vitamin E. My lips are dry and flaky. Thanks to this nourishing bomb, my lips are back in shape. They are hydrated and more resistant to external influences such as the weather. The only thing I would criticize for is the application of gloss – you have to smear the gloss with your finger, which is not very good from the point of view of hygiene. I rate the product positively, but I give it a lower rating due to the lack of an applicator.

Grade as in school: 2

Sothys lip balm, 655 crowns.


Available for purchase at selected stores

A real treat for your lips! The taste alone makes you want to use the balm again and again. It contains goji berry extract, shea butter, virgin jojoba oil, cocoa butter, bisabolol and vitamin E. This combination ensures that your lips feel comfortable, hydrated and tender all winter long. The balm is slightly tinted.

Grade as in school: 1

Lip balm Magnificent Lip Balm, Orlane, 1140 CZK


You can buy at www.notino.cz

The balm contains hyaluronic acid, thanks to which the lips are moisturized throughout the day, and also visibly fills them. In addition, it supports collagen production and restores the natural color of the lips. The balm made me very happy. Lips are visibly healthier, hydrated and soft to the touch.

Grade as in school: 1

Source: Blesk

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