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Big return of old characters to the Street! How much will they interfere with fate again in the series?

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TV Nova has been broadcasting the Ulice series for almost eighteen years now. It’s the longest running Czech series, so it’s no surprise that it already has a cute lineup of different characters. In addition to regulars, old-timers, there are also characters in the series who confuse the plot, and then disappear, either forever, or for a while. Heinek Urban (Roman Wojtek) and Aya Golubkova (Barbora Mudrova) return regularly and act as catalysts for the story. Viewers of the series will soon meet both of them again. And certainly not for a while…

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Gabina’s former partner (Aneta Kreychikova) and Shimon’s father (Jakub Krause) has been on the Street several times since 2007. At first he intervened in the history of the Farskys (Ilona Svobodova and others), later he became part of the history of Gabina Pumrova. . He was Gabina’s professor at the gymnasium, they had an affair during which Gabina became pregnant. After the birth of little Simon, it seemed that they would be happy together. Even Gabina’s father Radek Mastny (Pavel Novotny) learned to endure him. But the relationship between Gabina and Haineko fell apart after a few years, each of them went their own way. However, as Shimon’s parents, they still work together. When things are bad, they can support each other. Less than five years ago, Hynek saved Gabina when her ex-boyfriend Alesh threatened her. In the fall of 2018, we last saw Hynek on the Street. Since then, he has only been talked about in the series. Now he’s fully back to the plot because he wants to be actively involved in Shimon’s education, which he doesn’t think Gabina can handle. How would Simon himself want to use it? And how will Heink’s approach to Shimon’s upbringing affect relationships between Gabina’s loved ones and within the family?

Roman Wojtek adds to his return to the Ulice series after five years: “I feel like I was here yesterday even though my brain knows it’s a tenth of my life, so it’s a long time.” accept an offer to return to the series? “I had no reason to hesitate. I chose this job and it would be a shame not to take advantage of good offers. I would like to return again for a while. Incredibly, although I have not been in the Street for almost 5 years, many viewers associate me with Heink Urban more than with other, even newer roles or series.”

Another character who has been talked about in the Street for only a few months is Aya Golubkova (Barbora Mudrova), partner of Maria Doubko (Jiri Kniga), mother of his daughter Sophia Isabella, and girlfriend of his boss Vendula Pelcova (Anezhka Ruseva). Ayu was last seen by the audience on the Street less than a year ago. Then she disappeared for a while, although she continued to appear in the plot. The reason was simple – her representative became pregnant and went on maternity leave. Now Barbora Mudrova, as the mother of a nine-month-old Christian, returns to the Street to, like Aya, again pull the strings in the history of Niklov (Yaroslav Obermaerov and others), especially the daughter of Lumir (Vaclav Svoboda). Vendula and her husband Pavel (Jan Rzeznicek). Why is Vendula calling Aya for help? The daughter of Katerina (Martina Randova), Martin Dubovska (Natalie Holikova), a charismatic cook whom Vendula begins to envy, is to blame for this. Rightly so? And how will Ája change history? Soon the Street will stir again.

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