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Yana Bernashkova: I was fat, unhappy and afraid of life ahead

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“Obviously it was beyond me, because I said here that we won the World Cup, but it was the Olympics, right. I remember that day in Nagano when the athletes won, and I was very surprised in the morning when the whole of Ostrava had a party in the street and the cars were driving and honking and everyone was celebrating. And I didn’t know what, I was studying acting and I was probably immersed in the theatrical world and I was gone.” Jan confessed.

In the film, she played the wife of Heink Cermak, but their marriage was quite Italian. As the actress said, she and Hynek met about once on the set of everything. Such are the marriages in the movies. “Hynek and I recorded more or less in the recording studio, because there they have more arguments than on the set. We only met once on set, and then I just hugged and kissed him. Otherwise, all of our relationships took place in the recording studio.” Yana’s face is a little embarrassing, because, as she admitted, she is not an angel at all, but vice versa. What excesses and with what influence did she suffer? How she felt in the nineties and who she was jealous of on the set, you will find out in a video interview.

Source: Blesk

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