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She received burns all over her body and almost did not survive. Today she is the face of a well-known cosmetic brand.

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Twenty-three passengers died in the crash, and Katherine appears to have been among them. She was eventually pulled from the burning bus and airlifted to a hospital in Granbol, France. She received burns on 96 percent of her body, the only places where she did not have burns were her legs and head. She underwent two hundred surgeries, spent three months in a coma, and had only a one percent chance of survival.

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However, a miracle happened, and Katherine got out of everything. Thus, she became the first person to survive such extensive burns. She had to undergo very painful skin graft therapy, skin donated by her mother as well as her brother. The rehabilitation was just as painful, but Katherine did not give up the fight for life and soon began to recover.

Today, she proudly calls herself a burn victim and enthusiastically helps others who have experienced similar trauma. “My main goal is to show people that even after such an experience, life can be fulfilling and positive,” she declared. After the accident, Katherine has achieved more than many could have imagined. She became a physical therapist and motivational speaker. She shared her story with people around the world in an effort to inspire others.

He also regularly supports various charitable organizations that pay attention to people with burns. Their goal is to draw attention to the physical and emotional problems that these people face. In addition, Catherine became the face of the cosmetic brand Avon and even shone at London Fashion Week. This is proof that nothing is impossible and that the fact that you “look different” should not limit your life in any way.

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