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Bara Nesvadbova on vacation with her daughter: We took a stupid risk, and I’m glad we survived

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As we sat with this coffee, I wondered what Bara’s attitude was towards this drink. “Very positive. My grandma taught me how to drink coffee when I was little, and small means six. So, at the age of six I already had this strange drip coffee with milk and sugar on top, and then I switched to Turkish. On it I graduated from university and really drank instant coffee for a very long time until I met the herbalist Jirka Krzhizh and he said “Shame on you! So I bought this smart machine and now I messed everything up because I like a lot of water, little caffeine, because I drink a lot of coffee, so I always make something like espresso and add water to it to make it look like tea.”

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After all, Bara was, like every time we see each other somewhere, in such a cheerful mood. It has been a few weeks since she returned from such an adventurous vacation in Jordan, where she went with her daughter, which would not be strange, and also with her boyfriend and his mom! “We were in such a strange group because Bea was walking, her partner and his mother, whom I saw twice in my life. And so I was a little worried about how things would come together, this band, and it was absolutely amazing. It was one of the most beautiful trips in my life. Yahima has a wonderful mother, an art photographer, a yogi, just such a fundamentally educated woman, extremely smart, so I really liked it. And for me, Jordan was a dream come true, and I actually made that dream come true in so many ways.”

Watch the full interview with Bara in the video in the introduction, where she describes the dark side of their holiday together. They got into a situation that should not have ended well.

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Source: Blesk

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