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President CM Lisboa says dinners featuring the Lisbon Chamber are “completely normal”.

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Lisbon Mayor Carlos Moedas (PSD) said on Tuesday it was “perfectly normal” to organize dinners like the one in July with Isabel Diaz Ayuso, president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

“This is the function of the mayor in the legal regime of local authorities, in article 35, paragraph 1 and subparagraph a), which is the institutional representation of the city council,” said Carlos Moedas, answering questions from BE about organizing a “celebration dinner”, which was funded by the municipality and about which the opposition parties in the executive branch were not informed.

At a meeting of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, BE MP Maria Escaia expressed “perplexity at the shocking situation party hosted by the president with Isabel Diaz Ayuso🇧🇷

Maria Escaia considered it “absolutely outrageous that the mayor of Lisbon is using the resources of the municipality, such as the palace and the state purse, for an event that not a single opposition adviser was informed about, unlike the prominent figures of the parties belonging to Novos Tempos.” coalition (PSD/CDS-PP/MPT/PPM/Aliança)”.

“In fact, a dinner of ideological friends, whose bill was shared by all citizens”accused the blogger, arguing that the mayor should return the money spent on the event to the residents of Lisbon.

In response, Carlos Moedas reiterated that the local authority’s legal regime specifies that “the mayor has a duty to represent the municipality in and out of court”, stating that it is “perfectly normal” to organize lunches and dinners where, according to the invited entities, you will see, ” who are the people who really have the most in common.”

“I promise the honorable MP that when you come here, Mr. [Yanis] Varoufakis[FounderoftheMeRA25LeftistPartyinGreece)Iamveryhappytoinviteyoutothisdinner”[fundadordoMeRA25partidodeesquerdadaGrécia)tenhomuitogostoemconvidá-laparaessejantar”[основательMeRA25левойпартиивГреции)Яоченьрадпригласитьваснаэтотужин»[fundadordoMeRA25partidodeesquerdadaGrécia)tenhomuitogostoemconvidá-laparaessejantar”said the mayor of Lisbon.

Regarding the dinner attended in July by Isabelle Díaz Ayuso, President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and one of the figures of the NP, and to which figures of the Portuguese right-wing movement were invited, the mayor of Lisbon assured that it was “transparent”, for the reception of a foreign person who was here on an official visit.

“It’s perfectly normal for all mayors, in fact for those who came before me, I could get a list of lunches and dinners for previous mayors here, so it’s completely normal and I will never take it because I don’t have anything. do,” Carlos Moedas pointed out, insisting that the mayor should represent the municipality, namely when people come from abroad and with political parties, and noting that this function is “not even delegated”.

Another topic raised by the municipal deputies BE and PS was the contract signed with the AIP Foundation to cover the costs associated with the operation of the FIL’s Covid-19 vaccination center in Parque das Nações, which was “deemed inadequate”.

The mayor recalled that the place for FIL was provided free of charge, but there are costs associated with the operation of the vaccination center.

“There was a procedure that was inadequate and needs to be corrected because these are expenses that are in line with what the center was like,” he said.

This is a contract by direct agreement, in which the Lisbon City Council provided the AIP Foundation with the “purchase of services within the Covid-19 vaccination plan” with a contract price of EUR 418,489, to which VAT at the normal rate of 23%, for a total amount of EUR 514,741 euro, with a maturity of 96 days, according to information published on July 25 this year on the Base Portal.

On Friday, The Expresso newspaper reported that the agreement between the Lisbon City Council and the AIP Foundation is “illegal”.since, according to the rules of public procurement, the direct award procedure cannot be applied after the provision of the service, and this procedure was signed “four months after the end of the work”.

The PS in Lisbon’s municipal assembly demanded “urgent clarification” on the council’s actions in these two situations, the vaccination center and the dinner, which it considered “very questionable legality”.

Source: Observador

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