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“Leska” PS and tension with the liberals




The third day of the budget debate was dominated by health care and taxes, two topics that served to stick António Costa’s PS from right to left. “PS offers more business to the private sector and that was the right recipe,” Blok de Esquerda blamed the health care management. At the plenary meeting as vice-president former Minister of Healthwho was also remembered, rightfully defending that there are differences for the PS.

At a time when PS has approved some proposals to change Livre and PAN, references to this proximity are starting to emerge. One “fishing line”as defended by the PSD, with PAN deputy Ines Sousa Real, accusing her of touching and saying that the PS will not “catch” anything in the PAN.

But he was fishing, doing the test, he intends to reach an understanding with someone in the plenary, in addition to the absolute majority. In fact, at one point in the discussion about taxes on self-employed workers, the Minister of Revenue recorded conversations that took place between the government and Deputy Rui Tavares, from Livre. There was a whisper from the right, but the truth is that before that, the PSD MP João Moura stated loudly and in a provocative tone that the government and the PS had already identified “the only two political forces that matter: Livre and PAN”, accusing the socialists of they “fish with a line to [essas bancadas] approve and become a member of 120 deputies of the PS”.

The SDP continues to complain about “steamroller” in the majority, saying that it would hit the very socialist bench for defending in the debate “the opposite of what they vote for day in and day out”. A tirade to get the approval that PS gave to these two parties, just to create an image of dialogue.

Source: Observador


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