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The troika is back, but as a throwing weapon on the left against an isolated PS

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The specialty state budget debate marks a left-to-left transition from the PS, with a direct consequence for socialists: those four days of isolated debate are over. The take-off was made and completed this Thursday when the PKP made it clear that the PS in “tricky” budgets had given way to left-wing measures, and the Blok said that government and PS budget proposals were shifting more income from labor to capital than had been done in time troika🇧🇷

They hit a nerve by promoting the idea of ​​a PS glued to the right and neoliberals. It was the strategy of the left that led to the fact that only PS remembered the past troika that at other times PCP and BE agreed not to forget, but now seem to be committed take advantage of another front.

Mariana Mortagua concluded BE’s participation in this special panel by stating that “it is still a budget noted class choice represents the largest transfer of income from labor to capital in this millenniummore than in the days of the troika. “Neo-liberal politics with left-wing discourse may seem like a simple solution, but it undermines not only the life of the Portuguese, but also democracy itself,” the MP concluded.

Former PS partners criticize the failure to bring pensions and salaries in line with inflation and the “disrespect” for the careers of civil servants, the failure to reduce VAT on electricity or even PS, enter private in primary health care.”

Source: Observador

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