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Interview. PSD falls but close to PS and majority right in voting intent

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PSD has reached out to PS, and according to an Intercampus poll, intentions to vote in Luis Montenegro stays just two percentage points below António Costa🇧🇷 In fact, according to the same poll, if the elections were held today, the parties on the right would win more votes than the left, mainly due to the rise of Chega.

Intercampus survey data for Correio da Manhã and Jornal de Negócios show that PS António Costa remains at the forefront of the vote with 24.2%. – however, between the October and November barometers, it lost more than four percentage points. The SDP also fell by almost three percentage points, but the two largest parties have moved closer as a result. Recall that in July the difference between them was 15 points.

A public opinion survey conducted between November 15 and 20 also shows that parties on the right began to collect more votes than parties on the left: 41.4% vs. 40.3% of left-wing parties. Decisive for this result was the 2.2% growth of Chega, who acts as a third political force with 11.4% of the vote. In the opposite direction, the Liberal Initiative fell from 7.3% to 6.7% in voting intentions following the announcement of the departure of João Cotrim de Figueiredo from the leadership.

On the left, in the month Jeronimo de Sousa left the leadership PCP, party up almost three points share in voting intentions from 2.6% to 5.4%. The left bloc remained at 6.1%.

Source: Observador

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