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  • 25.11, 10:22
    Hvat says it’s “the worst OE ever” and remembers November 25 as “the first step towards true democracy”.

  • 25.11, 10:12
    The Azores at the start of the last day of debate. SDP accuses PS of “hysteria”

  • 25.11, 09:51
    Pedro Nuno Santos closes the debate for the government

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  • Hvat says it’s “the worst OE ever” and remembers November 25 as “the first step towards true democracy”.

    Rui Tavares of Livre defends his proposal to identify buildings using asbestos in Portugal. “I don’t think anyone thinks inventory is a bad idea. You may think that this is not the right time, but if not now, then when? How many years are we going to keep putting it off?” The MP asks his colleagues for “moral and political responsibility” to change the way they voted.

    Jorge Galvejas of Chega says it’s “the worst OE presented in this house since”, criticizing the fact that the PS failed all the proposals of the party, including those that eased the income of families and “the youth” had “the freedom to generate life”. “. He also says that 45 years ago on this day, a “far-left coup d’état” was defeated – “it is not freedom that is celebrated, but only the first step towards true democracy, in which the Portuguese always come first.”

  • Rui Paulo Sousa do Chega talks about mortgages and obligations imposed on banks “when the houses were later confiscated from the Portuguese for non-payment of property tax”. Chega is against IMI and says that it is now necessary to create a temporary IMI exemption for city buildings in this time of crisis.

    The proposed amendment to Chega failed in the specialty, but now the party insists on a vote in the plenary session.

    In Blok, Mariana Mortagua now speaks on the same topic and corrects Chega: “There are no pledges of family addresses.”

    The MP also speaks of a proposal to hand over to the municipalities the decision to tax houses in historical centers with IMI. And he asks PS if that suggestion was a mistake.

    The Secretary of State for Taxation explains that what he intends to do now with this proposal is an automatic exemption, leaving each municipality to decide what to do.

  • The Azores at the start of the last day of debate. SDP accuses PS of “hysteria”

    The debate has already begun, with PSD MP Paulo Moniz, elected by the Azores, talking about the air transport routes required to serve the population in the region. He says that PS has abandoned this service, which needs 10 million euros, approving one of the 9 million. “This is an urgent need for the Azores and the Azoreans,” he says.

    “This is disrespectful. One million is indifferent to OE, but very important to the Azores,” he says.

    In PS, another Azorean, João Castro, says that in terms of service obligations to the Azores, saying that it is “unacceptable” that public service routes should not be laid. Those that operate, he said, were implemented by PSD and CDS, but “those who operate the routes have never been financially compensated for doing so.”

    The Socialist MP says that the SDP “raises today the problem created by the SDP”. Paulo Moniz still responds: “He did a historical review of the compounds, but we are debating enough value for them to remain.” He says PS “threw a tantrum endangering what cannot be endangered” by putting 9 million in OE instead of 10.

  • The observer also looked into the past to check the level of implementation of the amendments proposed by the opposition, approved by the PS in the latest budget. Here are the conclusions we came to:

    With little data, the government and allies say budget execution is going well, but they are again presenting proposals that have been left in a drawer.

  • And in this article, we make a point of view of the political debate, where the socialists are increasingly isolated, as the left has ceased to unite in the attack on the right by the past troika and began to glue the PS with those times.

    The troika is back, but as a throwing weapon on the left against an isolated PS

  • You can read about what happened on the fourth day of voting in the specialty here:

    Free and PAN here, Enough there. Fourth day of voting on the state budget

  • Pedro Nuno Santos closes the debate for the government

    In the early moments of the morning, voting on the last calls from the previous night’s specialty discussion will still be held. The closure will then begin, which will be handled by Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos on the government side.

  • Good morning,

    Today is the last day of discussion of the State Budget, which will be approved in the final version at the end of the morning with the changes already approved at the stage of specialization.

    The observer will be here to follow the work of the parliament with an accuracy of up to a minute. Stay with us!

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