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Opposition rejects Coin proposal to exclude IMT for young people in Lisbon

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PS has an alternative offer that promotes leasing


PS has an alternative offer that promotes leasing


Carlos Moedas’s proposal to exempt young people under the age of 35 from IMT who buy houses in the city up to 250 thousand euros did not convince the opposition and, as far as the Observer has learned, the proposal should even be sinker with votes against the opposition. The Monetary Authority has estimated the savings in tax on the purchase of houses in the city at about 8,322 euros, but the opposition considers this proposal insufficient.

Socialist Party, which will present alternative offer, municipal rental subsidy — at an equivalent cost — believes that “now is not the right time” to promote an exemption from IMT, as it “focuses public outcry on mortgages when interest rates will and will continue to be higher,” and that it is “socially unfair.” for helping “a very small minority of young people who have €25,000 for the initial entry required by banks.”

PS wants the municipality to subsidize rent for young people, guaranteeing “affordable housing for more than a thousand young people.” The goal is to support those who rent “houses on the free market up to 450 euros per household”: “Rent will therefore never exceed 30% of the net income of young tenants – the same level of effort and level of income operating in Affordable Income from CML”.

According to the Observer, the Eskerda Bloc also criticizes the socialists, whom he accuses of “making the foreign exchange budget viable without imposing the right to negotiate on the problems of the city.” “PS’s alternative IMT exemption proposal is important and proves that the left has room for other convergences around housing eligibility in a budget that sees the Coins abandon the Affordable Income Program, closing the doors to the middle class,” says council member Beatriz Gomez. Diaz, who adds that the blockers will also introduce “an amendment to the PS proposal to make it broader and more comprehensive, as well as not to forget university students who cannot find rooms in Lisbon due to local accommodation and digital nomads.”

The PCP believes that “free IMT to promote access to housing for young people is draw🇧🇷 “The beneficiaries of this measure, like the beneficiaries of the IRS return, as always: families and young people from families with higher incomes, the richest, because they are the only ones who can buy houses at the same price. the level that Lisbon offers” are criticizing the communists who equate Carlos Moedas’ proposal for an exemption from IMT with a reduction in the IRS rate charged by the municipality.

“Free IMT, like free IRS, is an explicit transfer of public funds to the richest wallets, a fine on the municipal budget without solving the housing problem,” they tell the Observer.

Livre, which will support an alternative proposal presented by the Socialists, says that Carlos Coins’ proposal is “completely inconsistent with the realities of housing in Lisbon.”

“Houses under €250,000 in Lisbon are becoming increasingly rare, and home prices are rising non-stop. On the other hand, according to a recent study by the FFMS, the majority of young people in Portugal receive less than 767 euros per month, and very few will be able to access loan approval, which implies an inflow of about 50 thousand euros,” the party emphasizes. The observer adds that the measure, which the opposition fails, only “promotes housing policies that support the middle class.”

Source: Observador

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