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TAP: PM didn’t know background and awaits full clarification

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On Tuesday, the prime minister told Loose he had “absolutely no background” and asked for clarification regarding the compensation awarded by TAP to Secretary of State Alexandra Reis, pending a “legal qualification” of the facts.

TAP compensation to Alexandra Reis violates the status of public administrator, but there are doubts about the applicable legal framework

In response to written questions from the Lusa agency, António Costa said he had “absolutely no background” on the situation and sought clarification from finance ministers Fernando Medina and infrastructure and housing ministers Pedro Nuno Santos.

“Naturally, I asked for clarification from the ministers responsible for TAP who are evaluating this issue,” he said.

Asked about Alexandra Reis statements on Monday by Luse, the prime minister said: “As for the finance minister, I recorded that she was ready to return any amount that was not due to her and that she received on agreed terms among lawyers.”

When asked whether the minister remains trustworthy, the head of government replied that “otherwise, he is waiting for” a full clarification of the facts and their legal qualifications.

Marcelo wants to hear from TAP about the Alexandra Reis case. “The agreement was signed not by the president, not by the prime minister and not by the ministers”

Secretary of the Treasury Alexandra Reis received a €500,000 compensation for stepping down early as chief executive of a Portuguese airline when she still had two years to serve. A few months later, the government appointed her chairman of the Navegação Aérea de Portugal (NAV).

The case, reported last Saturday by Correio da Manhã, was criticized by all opposition.

PSD leader says Costa, Medina and Pedro Nuno Santos are accomplices in Alexandra Reis case

Source: Observador

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