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From a legal issue to an unstable political issue. The Four Days That Led to Alexandra Reis’s Departure

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These days, the two ministers and PS rivals have had to formulate a strategy.


These days, the two ministers and PS rivals have had to formulate a strategy.


The news broke on Christmas Eve and even the always reactive President of the Republic asked for some time before commenting on the case of the Secretary of State (Treasury) coming from a public company (NAV) after leaving another (TAP) with 500,000. euro as compensation. The next day the conversation with Marcelo was different (and then another) and from that moment the departure of Alexandra Reis, who was always on the table, began to take shape. The prevailing opinion in the government was that the issue was not only legal, but also political. And the consequences are through fragility with destructive potential in a portfolio of enormous sensitivity in the midst of that finance crisis.

The departure of Alexandra Reis from TAP, which resulted in compensation in the amount of 500 thousand euros, was closed at the beginning of the year. The company shared the custodianship and the finance minister was different, Joao Leao, and the infrastructure minister was the same. And Pedro Nuno Santos knew that Alexandra Reis left TAP by agreement, although he did not know the details of the negotiations, reports the Observer. Now the government has requested them from TAP and is not sure of the legal support from the company.

As for the political decision regarding the ruler in the face of (another) hurricane, that will always be made by Treasury Secretary Fernando Medina, since Alexandra Reis was now his secretary of state. In the meantime, the Prime Minister made clear his discomfort with the case, which he insisted on stating publicly that he was unaware of the fact that in eight months, eight leaders had already left and any drop of water that fell at that time, overflow cup. The most poured water, again.

Day 1. To Marcelo in silence

Source: Observador

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