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Brazil. Andre Ventura denounces attempts to undermine democratic institutions

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(Rui Oliveira/observer)

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(Rui Oliveira/observer)

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Chegi’s leader denounced an attempted “democratic diversion” by supporters of the former Brazilian president invading the headquarters of major Brazilian institutions and asked Jair Bolsonaro to calm the mood.

This position was expressed by Andre Ventura in statements to journalists a few minutes before the vote in the internal elections for the Chega National Congress, which will be held from the 27th to the 29th of this month in Santarém.

Protesters supporting Jair Bolsonaro today invaded the National Congress, the Planalto Palace and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the seat of the legislative, executive and judicial powers, in a violent protest in the Brazilian capital.

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Before reporters, André Ventura began by warning that at the time he spoke, he still knew little about these events in Brasilia, but added that, whatever the reason for the outrage that Lula da Silva had become President of Brazil, these episodes deserve condemnation.

“This is a dark and sad day for Brazil. Sometimes leaders have to go against their own movements and supporters in order to enforce democratic rules,” he said.

André Ventura later stated that in these episodes he expected “the defense of democracy, no matter who is at stake”.

“And this is the request I make [ao ex] President Jair Bolsonaro and the Liberal Party [do Brasil] it calms the spirit and can give the authorities the conditions to seize the buildings of Brazilian democracy,” he said.

President Chega considered it quite understandable that many Brazilians “experience great revolt, injustice and resentment” after Lula da Silva was sworn in as President of Brazil.

“I feel it too, but in a democracy we have to make a choice: either fight within democratic institutions; or try to overthrow institutions by force. We do not know what is happening in Brazil, but I hope, of course, that our allies do not have a direct part in these facts and do not have any command actions over these facts,” he stressed.

If they had a direct part in this invasion, Andre Ventura immediately warned that he would criticize them, because “we must fight within the framework of democracy.”

“We are trying to get information from the Liberal Party of Brazil about what is happening. Once Chega has the fullest picture, she will give an official response to this delicate situation, because the Federal Supreme Court itself will be in the process of being invaded. Now this is a total sabotage, and we cannot come to an agreement, no matter how much anger and rebellion there is – and I have it too, ”he stressed.

Source: Observador

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