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Enough demands parliamentary hearings of Secretary of State for the Environment

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The Chega parliamentary group announced that it had requested a hearing in the Assembly of the Republic with the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Pires, given the “suspicion” of a conflict of interest.

According to that party, in 2021, when the current secretary of state was an MP elected by PS, “he sold his architectural and urban planning company to the agricultural company Penedo do Frade.

“The aforementioned company, owned by two sisters, Lucinda Isabel Guimarães Gomes Marquez and Adelaide Sofía Guimarães Gomes Marquez, contributed to the dumping of several hectares of vineyards owned by the Semural Waste & Energy SA group. In the Semural, Waste & Energy SA group, female entrepreneurs are shareholders and Lucinda Gomes Marques and her brother João José Guimarães Gomes Marques are also members of the board of directors,” the statement said.

According to Chega, Hugo Pires, as a member of the Commission on Environment and Energy, was a speaker for an opinion on urban waste in the very same month that he sold his company.

“The opinion in question has implications for the company with which he did business, so we believe that this conflict of interest and apology should have been made public,” Chega said in a statement.

Source: Observador

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