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Government: Ventura Accuses Former Tourism Secretary of Immorality and Lack of Ethics

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The Chega leader accused former Secretary of State for Tourism Rita Marquez of “blatant lack of ethics” and immorality in preparing to take on a function in a project for a private company formerly backed by the government.

André Ventura told reporters about news published by the Observer that Rita Marquez will now, in the private sector, manage a project that was granted incentives by the executive less than a year ago when he was secretary of state for tourism.

We are faced not only with a blatant lack of ethics and morality, but also with the problem of illegality, which now must be promoted by the state ministry so that judicial institutions can decide. From what I’ve read, the former secretary of state will only take up her new duties on the 16th and if she has common sense, she won’t do it,” he said.

For President Cheg, “in addition to the gross lack of ethics in this situation, there is also a monstrous lawlessness in the face of the current law.”

The former secretary of state for tourism will manage the project, which she granted incentives less than a year ago.

“I heard the Secretary of State say that she was sure of the legality of the situation, but, frankly, I don’t know how she could be sure, because the law is clear and states that there can be no functions of former governors for three years in areas where they had direct intervention. Obviously, this is one of the cases – and a case that again puts the government in an awkward position, ”he added.

Source: Observador

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