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Maria do Seu Antunes. From Abrantes olive trees to CAP reform, who is the minister at war with farmers held back by Costa

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Demanding, but not quick-tempered. Unstoppable, he seems to be “plugged into the current”. Thoughtful, but sometimes controversial. And since 2019, the Minister of Agriculture. Maria do Seu Antunes hesitated, but did not make it into the latest batch of “deeds and deeds” that concerned the government. He resisted whether he “knew or didn’t know” that the secretary of state assigned to his ministry 25 hours earlier, Carla Alves, was suing. The prime minister defended that the minister could continue. But there will be no easy days ahead. From now on, because of the open war she is waging with the agricultural sector, for which Maria do Seu Antunes will go down in history for the “wrong decisions” she made.

He entered agriculture in 2019, switching from Secretary of State for Regional Development after nine years as mayor of Abrantes, leaving his term in the middle to rise into government. She was the second woman to take over the administration of agriculture after Assunção Cristas in the government of Pedro Passos Coelho. The choice that at that time in the sector had more to do with his rise in PS as he was a member of the national secretariat between 2014 and 2021 than knowledge of the agricultural sector. He was with António Costa in the party leadership dispute against António José Seguro.

Despite the fact that he was a governor for four years, and a minister for more than three years, city life will always be close to him. “He left the cell, but the camera never left him. He runs the ministry as he runs the chamber. The agricultural sector is heavily regulated, with thousands of pages of community rules that are incompatible with “now do it this way” solutions like her,” says Luis Mira, general secretary of the Portuguese Confederation of Farmers (CAP). ), who has been sparing no criticism of the minister for months.

Farmers’ Confederation ‘concerned’ by reappointment of agriculture minister Maria do Seu Antunes

Source: Observador

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