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Illinois: AR vice president and parliamentary leader election separate Rui Rocha and Carla Castro

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The decision to nominate a new candidate for the post of vice-president of the Assembly of the Republic and the election to the parliamentary leadership were among the disagreements that marked the debate between the candidates for the leadership of I.L. Rui Rocha and Carla Castro.

The first face-to-face meeting between these two candidates for the presidency of IL – José Cardoso is also running – took place this Monday evening at SIC Notícias with the strategy that each of them has for the party, which is going ahead of schedule to discuss elections at the electoral convention on January 21 and 22 in Lisbon.

One of the issues that divided liberals was decision to present a new name to the Deputy Speaker of the Parliamentafter party leader João Cotrim Figueiredo was rejected by deputies in March 2022.

“We are in solidarity with all the decisions that have been made in recent months, now it is important what we are going to do in connection with the new presidency. As for the vice president our intention is to present, yes, a candidate”said Carla Castro, referring to the decision on the name of the parliamentary group.

According to the MP and the leader, it is necessary to take into account the institutional representation, given that “situations in the assembly have changed” and that “the presidium of the IL will change”, referring to the fact that this was requested by the president. Assembly of the Republic, Augusto Santos Silva that the party presents a new candidate.

In response, Rui Rocha showed “some strangeness” with this position of his opponent, because “there was a decision taken by the IL parliamentary group after João Cotrim Figueiredo presented his candidacy and was not elected”.

“This was discussed in the parliamentary group and it was decided that we would not nominate a new candidate for the time being. This is the solution that exists today,” he recalled.

The deputy stressed that the decision to return or not to present the name to this position “This needs to be discussed with the parliamentary group, which has not been done so far”asking Carla Castro “does she know if there are any possible candidates” on the Liberal bench.

“With the same oddity that I recorded, it was in an interview that was done by the SIC last week that it seemed to me that Carla Castro suggested that the day after the election, if she wins, she would call the election of the leader of the parliamentary group. However, this is not within the competence of the president. The term of office of the leader of the parliament is envisaged,” he objected, bringing another topic to the debate, which marked the differences between the two candidates.

Carla Castro, in response, stressed that her opponent “knows very well that there is a democratic parliamentary tradition in which, when presidents change, [partidárias]it’s okay to hold new elections or go back to talking about the leader of the parliament.”

“I think that this should be a decision that should be returned to the deputies. There may be a reappointment, there may be a change, but I think it is a good democratic spirit to confirm this, and a parliamentary tradition for this confirmation to be,” the candidate defended.

Understanding what should be global strategy movement it was also the moment when the differences between the two opponents became apparent. For Rui Rocha, it should be “a document that has measures for the outside, as well as measures for the internal transformation of the party.”

According to the candidate, the party is connected and wants to implement the electoral program, but since it was presented, there has been a “war and inflationary movement”, and “it is natural that there are things” that are not in this document. “and which must be supplemented by external measures” that you represent in your movement.

For his part, for Carla Castro, “there is a clear confusion” because in the global strategic movement it is necessary to “know how to make the party grow, how to make the party stronger inside and how to attract new voters” and not “more measures that should be discussed in appropriate places.”

“We have the most capable team both inside and out, and there is one thing that is very important: we have a team that is not turned inward. We have a much more open teamshot the candidate.

In response, Rui Rocha stated, “I read Carla Castro’s strategic proposal and this command is so outward-facing that there are 70 pages that only have measurements for the inside, there’s nothing specific on the outside.”

Source: Observador

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