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Costa has already received a response from the PR on the proposed mechanism for screening government officials. “We’re working,” he said.

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The prime minister said on Tuesday that the president of the republic was “already kind enough” to respond to a letter addressed to him proposing a mechanism to ensure transparency in the appointment of government members.

The President of the Republic has already been kind enough to answer me and we are working”António Costa told reporters in Benavente after the presentation of the Recovery and Resilience (PRR) funded green hydrogen project under the Sines Green Hydrogen Valley Consortium.

On Thursday evening, the prime minister sent a letter to the president of the republic proposing the establishment of a verification mechanism for the appointment of government officials, an idea he had already discussed in parliament the previous day.

Costa to propose ‘scheme’ to Marcelo to filter appointments of new government members

On this occasion, Costa emphasized that he would first talk to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and then announce that he would propose “so that the track can be improved, because it can be improved.”

“I do not think that we can and should normalize abnormal situations, even if they are cases and small cases. They need to be taken seriously, and above all, we need to believe that we take them seriously,” he said.

As early as Thursday afternoon, the President of the Republic defended that a possible vetting system for possible candidates for public office should take place before the government nominates leaders, not after.

“If there is interference and we see from whom, how to identify issues of legality, issues of constitutionality, or issues of impediment to who gets appointed to certain positions, such as the ones you mentioned, I think it should be before government to submit a proposal [ao Presidente da República]”, – then the head of state told reporters.

Source: Observador

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