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CLICK. Ventura criticizes PS for denying his request and making BE possible

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Leader Chegi welcomed “the fact that PS had the good sense to understand that the country needed this investigation.”

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Leader Chegi welcomed “the fact that PS had the good sense to understand that the country needed this investigation.”

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President Chega criticized the PS on Tuesday for setting up a parliamentary commission of inquiry into TAP proposed by BE, but rejected his own and expressed hope that the Socialists would not try to limit the investigation.

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Speaking to reporters in the Assembly of the Republic, Andre Ventura believes that PS’s decision to make the BE proposal feasible but reject Chega’s proposal, “This is the meanest and meanest way of doing politics in this Parliament”noting that although Blok had previously announced that he would be pushing the proposal, his bench “came first” into the Assembly of the Republic.

“It is unfortunate that PS insists on this logic of confrontation at all costs, attack at any cost is enougheven when an investigation is at stake, which is so important for the country and for the Portuguese to know what is at stake,” he defended.

Nevertheless, Chegi’s leader welcomed “the fact that PS it was common sense to understand that the country required this investigation“.

“We also hope that the PS does not use the BE proposal, which has a slightly different scope, although its objects are almost identical, that it does not use the fact that the approved proposal goes from BE to reduce the scope of the investigation and prohibit certain investigationsnamely in relation to the compensation paid to other directors in the past and how TAP is managed,” he emphasized.

The Chega leader stated that “it was important that the PS not use this commission of inquiry to throw even more sand in the eyes of the Portuguese and that it would allow this parliament to seriously investigate everything that happened in TAP from the moment Portuguese taxpayers there began to invest hundreds million euros.

“It is very important that this check is carried out”says Andre Ventura.

The President of Chega also expressed his hope that “PS is not making this commission of inquiry possible because part of its parliamentary group, or part more connected to the government of António Costa, wants to blame the former Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, or in an attempt to burn a potential successor to António Costa.

Ventura indicated that he has not yet chosen who will represent the party on this parliamentary commission of inquiry, which will be chaired by Chega.

PS announced on Tuesday that it will make possible, by abstaining, a constitution proposal Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the TAR proposed by Block de Esquerda, given the scope and issues raised in the initiative of this political force, but indicated that he would not follow the proposal of an investigation on the same issue put forward by Chega.

Last week, Chega’s parliamentary group submitted a proposal to the Assembly of the Republic to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry with the aim of “control TAP control and the use of public funds allocated to him, namely the payment of bonuses and compensations to persons holding managerial and administrative positions in the company.

It is also up to Parliament to clarify the “circumstances of the payment” of compensation to the former finance minister and “whether the ministries responsible for the matter were known or intervened.”

The next day, BE formalized its proposal, which had been announced a few days before, and proposed that the purpose of the commission of inquiry be to “evaluate the implementation of political oversight of the leadership of TAP”, in particular, between 2020 and 2022, an investigation into the entry and the departure of the former ruler Alexandra Reis and the duties of guardianship in the decisions made.

Source: Observador

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