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Operation Whirlwind. Montenegro insisted on the removal of Joaquim’s friend

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Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia

Luis Montenegro wanted to oust Rui Rio less than a year after he took office, in a sort of impeachment failed. A few days before the assassination attempt, he scheduled a press conference in Belem Cultural Center and urged the incumbent leader to immediately call direct elections. It was January 11, 2019, and in a small room where there were only journalists, there were only two friends Luis Montenegro: Hugo Soares, his faithful squire, and Joaquim Pinto Moreira, then mayor of Espinho. The mayor is now under investigation as part of Operation Whirlwind and is increasing pressure that Luis Montenegro remove his old friend from the leadership of the judge and chairman of the commission for the revision of the constitution, which works in parliament.

One MP from a wing that disagrees with Luis Montenegro told the Observer that Joaquim Pinto Moreira “has no conditions continue, nor as group vice president [parlamentar]nor as chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission.” Another MP, also from the “Rioist” wing, notes that “for a much smaller number of Rodrigo [Gonçalves] was run“.

OUR the discomfort extends to other parties that are members of the constitutional review commission. A source from a socialist group, for example, told the Observer that PS attentive: Although the socialists do not question the fact that the social democrat remains a deputy, the socialists fear that the process, in which the chairman of the commission is involved, will undermine the credibility of the constitutional review process.

Internal pressure in Montenegro is even greater because history recent fromintoleranceto participate in sensitive court cases. In November, without even being charged, Rodrigo Gonçalves decided to resign as a member of the National Political Commission in order to avoid “any inter-party unrest.” The burden of leaving lay with Rodrigo Gonçalves, but the leader had already opened the door for him: “We will analyze the political implications that the investigation may have. There are circumstances that may lead to the suspension of the exercise of political functions.”

Source: Observador

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