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Rita Marquez case. The Constitutional Court said that the deputy has the right to investigate

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The Socialists have referred Rita Marquez’s case to the Constitutional Court, but that sovereign body recalls in response to the Observer that “prosecutor who has the right to assess its completeness or accuracy and requests the necessary clarifications or additions or initiates investigation processes or other related steps” Situations involving holders or former holders of political office.

“Constitutional Court does not interfere with this analysis processwhich, according to the law, is the exclusive competence of the prosecutor’s office,” the TC itself answered the Obozrevatel’s question about the position of Rita Marquez, who will be the administrator in the company in the area that she led in the Government and on which she made decisions and the request of the parliamentary leader of the PS on a possible the need to involve this sovereign body in the process.

Eurico Brillante Diaz came to distance the PS from the Rita Marquez situation, stating that “whoever holds positions of a political nature is responsible for managing the interests of society and knows that when he holds political positions, he has obligations to, in time and after.” And to argue that “cases in which the law is not observed must naturally depressed”

PS says Rita Marquez case ‘should be dropped’ by the judiciary

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In a written response, which is limited to referring to the procedures in these cases, the TC writes that “the Constitutional Court and the Prosecutor’s Office with the Constitutional Court participate in the procedure for analyzing and verifying statements about incompatibility and obstacles of persons holding political positions.” Court.” The IC is responsible for “officially checking, registering and archiving” statements submitted to the prosecutor’s office by persons holding political positions, and then “opens the prosecutor’s office to facilitate the intervention of the court if it understands that there is a violation of the law,” says in the same answer.

In addition to filing declarations upon assuming office, the law on public control of the wealth of persons holding political office also specifies the filing of an “updated declaration” as well as “within 60 days from the termination of the functions that determined the occurrence of the precedent, as well as the re-appointment or re-election of the holder.

The observer has raised the same question with the Prosecutor General’s Office, but has yet to receive an answer as to whether an investigation will be initiated against the former Minister of Tourism.

Former secretary of state for tourism will manage the project, which she granted incentives less than a year ago

Source: Observador

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