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Government. Chega announces that he will come up with a proposal for parliamentary hearings before the inauguration.

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Andre Ventura indicated that he would formalize the proposal as part of a constitutional review and also through a bill.

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Andre Ventura indicated that he would formalize the proposal as part of a constitutional review and also through a bill.

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Chegi’s leader announced on Tuesday that his party will submit a proposal to the Assembly of the Republic that citizens elected to the government be heard by parliament before taking office.

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Speaking to reporters in the Assembly of the Republic, Andre Ventura said he was formalizing the proposal as part of a constitutional review and also through a bill.

“In Chega’s proposal there will be mandatory parliamentary hearings of all those responsiblebe it secretaries of state or ministers, and parliament will have the right to veto these nominations,” he said.

Leader Chegi indicated that the proposal includes the creation of “a parliamentary commission to be appointed, which, before the inauguration of the persons in charge, will hold a hearing on the time, form and grid to be formulated, which during the day will scrutinize the professional, personal path, politics these rulers, trying to point out incompatibilities, trying to point out violations or potential conflicts of interest both in the past and in the present.

“In the absolute majority, it would lose some effectiveness from a formal point of view, but would gain from the point of view of political check carried out by the parties and the PortugueseVentura defended, pointing out that it was also “in line with what the government intended, which was to place responsibility on others.”

“Therefore, we accept this joint responsibility, and the model that we are going to propose is that the opposition parties also have joint responsibility in overseeing these candidates for government positions,” leader Chegi said, considering that “this may not be contrary to model that the government should propose.

Andre Ventura noted that the proposal is still being developed, but he estimates it will be completed “by the end of the week.”

President Chegi wants the proposal to be discussed in plenary and has indicated that he will also bring it to the President of the Republic. “create a consensus in Portuguese society”.

The prime minister said on Tuesday that the president of the republic was “already kind enough” to respond to a letter addressed to him proposing a mechanism to ensure transparency in the appointment of government members.

On Thursday evening, the Prime Minister sent a letter to the President of the Republic proposing creation of a verification mechanism for the appointment of governorsan idea that had already been discussed in parliament the day before.

On this occasion, Costa emphasized that he would first talk to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and then announce that he would propose “so that the track can be improved, because it can be improved.”

“I don’t think we can and should normalize anomalous situations, even if they are cases and minor cases.. They need to be taken seriously, and above all, we need to believe that we take them seriously,” he said.

As early as Thursday afternoon, the President of the Republic said that a possible vetting system for possible candidates for public office should take place before the government nominates leaders, not after.

“If there is interference and we see from whom, how to identify issues of legality, issues of constitutionality, or issues of impediment to who gets appointed to certain positions, such as the ones you mentioned, I think it should be before government to submit a proposal [ao Presidente da República]”, – then the head of state told reporters.

Source: Observador

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