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Carla Castro: “I supported the leadership of the IL, but I am not a supporter of consent”

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Carla Castro is an Illinois MP and presidential candidate.


Carla Castro is an Illinois MP and presidential candidate.


He guarantees he can unite the party after the race for the leadership of the Liberal Initiative, but does not back down from his desire to call elections for a parliamentary group. He claims to have always criticized the way the party was run, but only at leadership meetings. He refuses to classify João Cotrim Figueireda as an autocratic leader, but defends the goal of doing business in a “more decentralized” way. She criticizes the way deputies are elected, but does not question the process by which she was elected as an MP.

In an interview with the Observador on Sob Escuta, Carla Castro, MP and candidate for leadership of the Liberal Initiative, dismisses criticisms of disloyalty by opponents and goes so far as to suggest that an offensive inherent in other parties’ domestic campaigns is underway.

“We are not SDP 2, we are not here with other party practices. I don’t have liberometers, I don’t “outrage”, I don’t delve into what others said, I don’t know how many years ago,” she says.

Of the current and future agreements with Chega, Carla Castro says: “In the Azores, this should be replicated in the future; in the Assembly of the Republic, this is unacceptable,” he says. In this interview – the third in a series that included three candidates for the IL leadership and which will culminate in a debate among all scheduled for this Thursday – Carla Castro leaves one more certainty: if she is elected leader of the IL party, and if she fails elect a member of the European Parliament, she will vacate the seat.

Source: Observador

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