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Costa’s warning: “When the middle class feels abandoned, there is fertile ground for the far right to become a threat.”

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It is in the middle class that there is a solution to stop the rise of the extreme right and populism. This conviction belongs to António Coste, who acknowledged that European governments cannot simply “look at the weakest” and must focus on “protecting freedom, democracy and the middle class” so that he does not feel abandoned and gives room for radicalism.

“In our Europe we cannot look only at the weakest, [temos o] a big challenge to defend freedom, democracy and the middle class. This is when the middle class feels left out helpless and not sure what we have fertile soil for the development of radicalism, for the growth of populism and for the far right to become a threat,” the prime minister warned.

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And he further explained, “if we want to fight the far right,” what needs to be given “possibilities middle class and ensure that new generations have a life that is as good as that of their parents.”

At the Social Summit of European Socialists in Matosinhos, António Costa took off the prime minister’s tie and played the role of a socialist in love with Europe to praise the way the European Union has moved away from a “hard-to-driven logic” approachthe logic of solidarity— comparison of the 2008 crisis and the pandemic crisis caused by Covid-19.

In the eyes of the socialist leader, the results, namely “the evolution of public finances in different states”, are proof that the right choice was made (“we did well“). “It is not with austerity that we create strong economies,” he stressed.

He listed what he thinks are the right steps and the “differences” of options between 2008 and the Covid-19 crisis, and the fact that the EU has “learned lessons together”. From the mechanism that “protected millions of jobs” and which prompted António Costa to reiterate the need for a “permanent mechanism to stabilize the crisis”, to praise for how it was understood that “a program oriented towards the future of Europe” was needed. capable of “securing the future and accelerating the dual transition: energy and digital”.

ABOUT”pillar of social rights”, which should be “strong”, was at the center of the speech with the statement that “only freeing yourself from poverty can you really get citizenship.” To do this, Costa emphasized that there is a need to balance between several levels, namely investment in innovation, so that companies are more competitive and able to lead this double transition, while never forgetting a “strong welfare state”.

However, he stressed the need to “ensure the availability and conditions” for people who may be affected by layoffs, and even for jobs based on technological innovation. They need to be supported when it comes to new “qualifications”, but also to ensure that no one is left behind: “There is never a decent society, let’s all make this transition together, leaving no one behind.”

“Kazi everything.” Costa is trying to drown out the “noise”, but all the hot cases are up for discussion

Source: Observador

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