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The formula raced along the D4 highway again: The police will deal with the daredevil in a single seat

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The D4 track was again raced by a red formula, strikingly similar to the one that drove the same track in the Central Bohemian Region in 2019. The police will look into it.

Last weekend, a video of a red Formula car appeared on social networks, judging by the comments, such as a Dallara GP 2, driving along the Central Bohemian D4 track. “That’s how you go to have coffee with Richard Cold, and suddenly dallaragp2 catches up with you”, one of the drivers featured on Instagram.

In another post, he also posted photos of the formula. It was painted red and emblazoned with the Ferrari team logos. The same type of single seater was also raced in the famous GP2 series from 2005 to 2017.

“The matter will be dealt with by the traffic police. In particular, they will find out when the picture was taken and which road the formula was driving on. Vlasta Suhankova, a spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian Region Police, told Blesk that they would also investigate the identity of the driver.

The same accident provoked a car in 2019. A similar formula also raced along the D4 highway, the police then received video and information. They said that the single car did not comply with the rules of the road, did not have a license plate and did not have turn sigls.

The police worked on the case for two months, during which they were able to identify the alleged driver. But the crimil prosecution was termited by the administrative body, it was not possible to reliably identify the driver because of the helmet. Then the 45-year-old driver commented on the driving, but denied that he had committed an offense.

Source: Blesk

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