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Accident at the bottom of aviation in Cheb: pilot Peter P. did not survive the fall of a historic aircraft!

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The historic Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV crashed in Cheb on Sunday afternoon on Intertiol Aviation Day. Pilot Pyotr P. did not survive the tragic crash, and another person was slightly injured. The plane crashed into the house.

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The pilot died after the plane crashed into a residential building during aviation day in Cheb on Sunday. “One person was slightly injured,Radek Hes, a representative of the rescue service, informed CTC about this. According to firefighters, the plane crashed on the border of the field and the family home.

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According to Blask’s findings, it was transport pilot and instructor Petar P., which was supposed to present its dymic demonstration at the aviation bottom in Cheb. Judging by the video, which we will not publish, he tried to save the situation at the last moment. After that, only a deafening bang was heard. Planes.cz also reported the death

Police and organizers are now investigating the circumstances and cause of the accident. According to the representative, the civil aviation authority of the Czech Republic is also likely to deal with the tragic event. “This is a huge human loss, we are very sorry. Many people express sincere condolences on social networks, we are overwhelmed with emotions. We are still investigating the details of the accident,” the statement said. This was announced to ChTK by Air Day representative Jiří Poor. Summer day is over.


The plane crashed into the house at 15:30. The rescue service sent three vehicles and a helicopter to the scene. The pilot was fatally injured. Medics assisted one person at the scene. “The plane crashed in Podgrad in Chebsko. Unfortutely, the pilot was mortally wounded. All IZS components are intervening on the spot. Communication at the scene is completely closed.” the police said on Twitter.

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The accident happened outside the airport. After the accident, the organizers immediately stopped the event. Most visitors peacefully left the airport, the last few people remain in place. “People really coordited to get off campus. They are put into cars or taken on buses.” said Poor. Police and organizers are now investigating the circumstances and cause of the accident.

Ivo Lukakovic also commented on the tragedy, from the airport of which the Toch plane took off. “It was necessary to inflate the right muffler. Jirka and Piotr have been working all morning. It was very funny. That plane lived and brought us so much joy. And Peter lived and everything was fine. And why are these good guys leaving?” he wrote on Twitter.

“I still can’t believe it. Peta was a super pilot, a super comfortable friend, an honest guy and a member of our flying club. He was a role model for many of our pilots, an icon. I don’t want to dwell on the reason, I want to remind you that many times in life we ​​were grabbing at the hair, but today the luck turned away from Peta. I knew him since childhood and trained him, today I could not hold back the tears. Pete, you will remain in our hearts! ” Vlasta wrote about this on Facebook.

Unique in its kind

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV. he flew during World War II in service with the British Royal Air Force (RAF). The world’s last flying machine in the Mk.IV version was presented at the parade in Cheb.

Tragic accidents

Accidents on broadcast days or various parades are not frequent, but they do happen from time to time. In some cases, with tragic consequences. In 2018, a replica of the historic aircraft crashed during an aviation day at an airport near Strunkowice d Blanica on Prachatiko. The 72-year-old pilot died in the crash. In June 2016, an ultralight aircraft crashed at Nymburk Airport on Aviation Day, killing both crew members. A month later, a glider participating in a rally of historic gliders crashed at Plasy d Pilsen Airport; the pilot escaped with only a leg injury. In July 2014, the aerobatics competition in Kroměříž became fatal for the pilot of a small plane that caught fire after crashing. In June 2006, the historic “Month of the Tiger” biplane crashed at the European Veterans’ Show in Hradec Králové; No harm done. In September 2005, it was also possible to avoid the crash of a four-meter Soyka drone, which participated in the NATO Days parade in Moshnov, without consequences.




Source: Blesk

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