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Silhavi: Penalties are already disappointing. And what about players from Pilsen and twenty-one?

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DIRECTLY FROM SWITZERLAND | Two hits with a stick, one crossbar, missed pelty, ninety minutes of activity, strong persolity… And also two hits that were pelized by the home team. After one of the best away performances, the Czechs lost 1:2 in Switzerland and say goodbye to the elite group of the League of Nations. Coach Jaroslav Šilhavi uses November’s match against the Faroe Islands to test the skills of a 21-team team. 2022 ended sadly for the tiol team: at first it did not qualify for the World Cup, and then it was relegated.

What feeling prevails in you shortly after a successful match, other than defeat, which means relegation?
“I have mixed feelings because I also feel that we performed very well here. Especially after that match three days ago. There was a rather short time between games, but we survived it. The only pity is that at least we didn’t even the score from the pelty spot 1:2. We regret the result, we were relegated, but the experience for the players in this group was invaluable.

How about a moment of horror after half an hour of play?
“It was crazy… You were disappointed, and when he turned around, the score was already 2-0 in favor of the home team. I was a little scared, because when such an opponent takes a two-ball lead, it’s not always easy. Fortutely, we were able to score a contact goal right away, then I already felt on the team that they were going to the victory we needed. I believed that we would do it, or at least stage it. However, this is football. Moments abounded on both sides, he must have enjoyed it. It can be built.”

Also about turning off the minute – what kind of errors did you find there?
“Kuf (Kufal) had two players, poor communication. But I don’t know the details, I only saw it from the stand. In the second – the ittention of Lukasz (Kalvach), who made a short pass. He did not see the player running there. So it will be, no one will take off his head.

For the second time in a row you missed a pelty, how did you deal with the choice of executioners?
“One to four players are always assigned. The same were identified with Portugal and Switzerland. Patya (Shik) probably talked with Tomas (Suchek), who will go to dig. I didn’t put a five last time, and Tomas believed in himself, unfortutely, he didn’t put it either. It will be, but it’s a shame that it happened to us like this in a row. It’s a bit frustrating, but there were other possibilities. The boys know about it, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

What will you take away from the League of Nations?
“I appreciate it positively, I think we all got a lot of experience in the elite group. We are coaches and players. We had not only a home game with Portugal and one half in them. Otherwise it was successful, or at least we kept up. You can rely on the results of the first matches. We beat the Swiss, drew with Portugal. The motivation to return to big teams will be great.”

And will there be more and more players from Pilsen in this team? In the second half there were five of them on the field, perhaps the Victorian era begins …
“I wouldn’t sort by club, we choose players based on current form or player quality. I wouldn’t drag club affiliation into this. As for the substitution at half-time, we had to change the plan. We wanted to put attackers there, but the goalkeeper (Vaclik) and the stopper (Kudela) changed for health reasons. It messed things up a bit, but we still got it in the second half.”

Are you satisfied with the performance of the twenty-first team at the EURO? And how realistic is it that you will soon try her players?
“I would like to congratulate them from afar on behalf of the entire A-Team. We communicate with Gonza (Sukhoparek), we agreed in advance that we might try something for the next preparatory match in November. Maybe we would have nomited someone now, but they had an important double match, so we left him alone. We will probably try someone at the next meeting in November.”

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Switzerland - Czech Republic 2:1.  Failure in the first half and relegation, Soucek did not give a pelty

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