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Najman grabbed the Motor with a hat-trick, took advantage of the spell of the star: even a snowman would do that

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He had a great night. Ondřej Naiman’s hat-trick ensured Mlade Boleslav’s 5-1 clear win over current table top České Budějovice. Each time he left his mark on the edge of the goal area, twice benefiting from the amazing insight of Pontus Aberg signed in the summer. In his 251st extraleague game, he scored three goals for the first time. “Probably it won’t be cheap,” the 24-year-old forward smiled.

Together with partner Pavel Kousal, he is currently the longest-serving player at Bruslarge. This year Ondrej Naiman started his sixth season in Mladá Boleslav. Year after year he has been moving up, in the last three years he has always scored over 20 points. Now he could climb even higher, because he received the Pontus Aberg star on the wing of his formation.

In the first two duels, their attack still came out empty-handed, only on Friday they got off the ground against Motor: Najman 3+0, Aberg 0+3, Kusal 0+2. “We needed it, we were a little under the covers. We didn’t do very well in the game either. So we’re glad we cracked it now. I hope we follow this up. We don’t want to play up and down, one game good and then three bad,” Najman said.

He celebrated the first goal after Aberg selflessly left the puck in the net. He again added second in the majority after a brilliant pass from the Swedish partner. And the third puck got stuck behind Dominik Grakhovin after the stoppage. The first extraleague hat-trick was born! “It’s good. Even if we won, it’s even better,” the grandson of the famous coach Josef Augusta smiled a little timidly.

A pair of caps flew onto the ice from the auditorium, the whole stadium with a cauldron of fans chanted his me. New situations for Najman. “Beautiful, great!” he poured out in superlatives. “Pontus always served it to me empty-handed, so the snowman would probably put it there too. But I’m still very happy about it,” he added.

I had to dig a little in my head in search of memories of the last hat-trick, but he found it. “That was about seven years ago when I was still a junior. I know that I gave one against Litvinov. But since then, I haven’t even been close to it,” he added with a laugh. Now Najman is already facing a fine in the cabin, but … “There is a pelty rule, but I am the treasurer, so maybe I will correct it a bit to my liking,” laughed the striker, who had a new letter on his jersey this season “A” for deputy captain.

Next to him, the mind of Pontus Aberg, who even played in the 2016 Stanley Cup Fils, was on full display throughout the Extraleague on Friday. “He is an amazing hockey player, you must have seen it today. He sees it, handles the puck very well, skates fast. Of course, he still needs to calm down a bit, which was evident in the first two games. I think it’s getting better and better. I hope that in this upward trend he will go up, ”he praised the game with the Swedish striker.

Mladá Boleslav celebrated their second home win of the season. Having overtaken Sparta a week ago, even the still sovereign Motor jammed. “We performed better against Sparta. Today we had a lot of iccuracies, we were also lucky that Nowotniak (goalkeeper Filip Nowotny) backed us up, sticks also saved us a few times. But we’re glad we won. Excellent, the result is excellent, ”Nadjman appreciated.

On the contrary, Motor suffered its first defeat and even dropped to second place behind Olomouc, who did not play on Friday. Coach Yaroslav Modry took some of the judges’ statements hard. “How can I start without getting a fine…” he said at the beginning of the press conference. “Good evening, we started the game well. Then some things happened that we have no control over, they affected the start of the match. Again, I must say that Boleslav was more productive and productive in important moments of the match and scored five goals in our favor there. The guys fought, worked, but this is reality.”

September 23 • 17:30
BC Mlada Boleslav
23 September
České Budějovice engine
České Budějovice engine
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VIDEO of the match HERE

Home: 12:37 Y. Stransky, 15:07. O. Najman, 33:19. O. Najman, 46:19. O. Najman, 52:35. Happy

Guests: 22:17 Hanzl


Home: Novotny (Kroshel) – Piha, Planek, Janoshik, Lintuniemi, R. Jerzhabek, Strzhiteski, Shtich – Shmerha, Lantosi, Stastny – Lunter, Forzht, J. Stransky – P. Kusal, O. Nyman, Oberg – M. Beraneks, Eberl .

Guests: Stirrup (Pea) – Shtenzel, Vrablik, Bindulis, Govorka, Shenkerzhik, Kachinya, L. Doudera – Przhikryl, Pec, Goulash – Dzerkals, Gancl, Karabachek – Strd, Toman, Valski – Tomechek, Vopelka, Dolezhal.


Pilny, Shindel – Ondrachek, Klouchek


SHKOENERGO Are, Mlada Boleslav

BC Mlada Boleslav All about the club HERE

one. Pardubice 5 2 2 one 0 17:12 eleven
2. M. Boleslav 5 2 2 0 one 15:8 ten
3. Vitkovice 5 3 0 one one 17:15 ten
four. positively 5 2 one 2 0 14:12 ten
5. Olomouc four 3 0 0 one 9:4 9
6. No. Budejovice 5 3 0 0 2 16:13 9
7. Mountfield 5 2 one one one 11:9 9
eight. Sparta 5 3 0 0 2 13:13 9
9. Liberec 5 0 3 2 0 12:11 p.m. eight
ten. Brno 5 one one 0 3 14:16 5
eleven. Trinec 5 one 0 one 3 11:15 four
12. Pilsen 5 one 0 0 four 12:16 p.m. 3
13. K. Vari four one 0 0 3 8:16 am 3
fourteen. Litvinov 5 0 0 2 3 8:17 am 2
  • Playoff Generals
  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage
  • Descent

Tipsport extra league

September 23, 2022 • 4:10 pm

EDITIONS: Kladno won in Brno, Motor lost for the first time. Two hat tricks!

EDITIONS: Kladno won in Brno, Motor lost for the first time.  Two hat tricks!

Tipsport extra league

September 23, 2022 • 9:10 pm

Zohor travels around the Czech Republic and scores hat-tricks: I have six goals before Christmas

Zohor travels around the Czech Republic and scores hat-tricks: I have six goals before Christmas

Source: Blesk

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