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Horror in Bratislava: A car hit people at a bus stop, 4 people died! Bodies flew through the air, the driver inhaled!

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A huge tragedy happened on Sunday around ten in the evening in the center of Bratislava. The driver of the car drove into a public transport stop filled with people. Four people died and many were injured. According to the mayor of Bratislava, the driver was intoxicated. The car ended up in the bushes behind the bus stop.

“After arriving at the scene, firefighters had to free people from the car and from under the car,” the report says. the firemen said. According to the fire department, several people were at the bus stop at the time of the tragedy. The aforementioned Zochov stop is used by bus lines that connect the center of the Slovak metropolis, for example, with the largest residential complex Petrzalka.

According to the Topky.sk server, a father and son were sitting in the car, the father was supposed to be driving, who allegedly consumed alcoholic beverages before driving. The car hit people at the bus stop and drove several tens of meters through the entire park, which is located here, before stopping at a tree. The wreckage of the car is scattered over an area of ​​about 100 meters at the crash site, including the bodies of several victims.

According to a witness of the Pluska.sk server, the car flew out of the corner and crashed into people. According to the mayor of Bratislava, Matusz Wall, there were mostly young people at the bus stop, they had to wait for the bus to the boarding school. “We must have zero tolerance for alcohol while driving, and I express my confidence that a drunk driver will not get off with only a probatiory period. With one irresponsibility, he destroyed the fate of many families, ”added Vallo. He also expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

He threw the waiting people a few meters away from the stop. In addition to the five dead, there were also about ten injured at the scene, but the police did not specify their number. “A large number of patrols of the Bratislava police and other emergency services intervene on Zochova Street, where a tragic event took place shortly after 22:15,” the police said on social networks, noting that they were carrying out the necessary actions on the spot.

“The street of the Old City today pays the highest price for arrogance. So far, five victims and ten young people in extremely serious condition are the victims of rcotic substances – alcohol and ittentive driving, ”the message says. Zuza Aufrihtova, Mayor of the Old Town of Bratislava, wrote on her Facebook page.

Source: Blesk

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