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Victims of insane murder in Bratislava: Relatives mourn for Matus and Juraj

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Bratislava was rocked on Wednesday evening by the shooting at the Tepláreň gay bar. There, the assailant shot and killed two young men and shot the waitress. Two dead Slovaks – Matus and Juraj. They were victims of a gunman who was apparently motivated by hatred of the LGBT community.

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Both victims were not yet thirty years old. But their lives were cut short by a crazy shooter. According to the tvnoviny.sk server, Matush was even supposed to work for the company. The perpetrator coolly waited for his victims in front of the building. He then shot and killed both young men.

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Both men were also famous for a Slovak who posted a touching message on the Internet. According to him, it was his ex-boyfriend and best friend. “This is terrible,” he despaired in tears. “It hurts me, they were very important people to me,” he added.

The shooter was supposed to be a young man of only eighteen years old, who was driven by hatred of Jews and homosexuals. Before the act, he had to write a sixty-page manifesto in which he praised other mass murderers. He decided to do the same.

After the massacre, he fled. Even at that time, he made posts on social networks, where he boasted that he was still alive. But he didn’t stay alive for long. “The police found the shooter dead this morning. Law enforcers reassured the public.

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Mayor Matus Vallo also commented on the tragic shooting. “I am very sad that our city is going through another tragic evening,” declared “To all of you – friends, families and loved ones – my sincere condolences,” he wrote on Facebook. At the same time, he also supported the LGBTI+ community. “Although the ture of the attack has not been confirmed, the accident occurred in a business where they felt welcome and safe,” the mayor added.

Source: Blesk

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