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The hard life of a lawyer. France against the curse of champions at the World Cup of the 21st century

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In football, this situation is already overdue. The curse of champions, especially European ones. Four reigning champions from the old continent this century, four colossal flops straight from the group stage. France started it in 2002, and the same country wants to end the strange curse this year.

The Germans already heard about the curse of champions four years ago. They came to Russia with a crown on their heads and wanted to show that some bad tradition had not touched them. Packed in the shortest possible time, for the first time since 1938.

“We have lost everything we have built over the past four years. We apologize,” coach Joachim Löw said later. And all his predecessors said the same.

What is behind this?

Purely technically lousy entrance to the tourment. Each of the defenders lost, only Italy took at least a draw. That’s how it was.

2002: France – Senegal 0:1.
2010: Italy – Paraguay 1:1.
2014: Spain-Netherlands 1:5.
2018: Germany-Mexico 0:1.

And then it dragged on and it didn’t work. Experts are puzzled by a deeper answer and there is no clear reason. It is believed that four years in football is just a long time, and the champions are not able to maintain their form and team spirit at the same level.

Of the players who start in a successful fil, on average, half start in the starting lineup of the first match of the next championship. And, for example, the Italians fielded only three against Paraguay.

Karim Benzema, a recent Ballon d’Or winner, pulled out of the squad due to injury at the last minute. Nevertheless, the French are taking ten world champions to Qatar.

Whether this will be enough, no one knows. However, with group rivals Denmark, Australia and Tunisia, a continuation of the Champions Curse would be a top-notch sensation. With what to compare it? Of course, as if four years ago Germany had remained in the group with Sweden, Mexico and South Korea…

How the defending champions performed at the next World Cup

year current champion defender location
1934 Uruguay she refused to participate
1938 Italy master
1950 Italy Group
1954 Uruguay 4th place
1958 Germany 4th place
1962 Brazil master
1966 Brazil Group
1970 England quarterfil
1974 Brazil 4th place
1978 Germany quarter-fils*
1982 Argenti 1/8 fils*
1986 Italy 1/8 fils
1990 Argenti filist
1994 Germany quarterfil
1998 Brazil filist
2002 France Group
2006 Brazil 1/8 fils
2010 Italy Group
2014 Spain Group
2018 Germany Group
2022 France?
* These were the groups of the second stage, not the classic quarter-fils or 1/8 fils.


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