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This grinder grinds! The comet was given a lecture on what the awakened Litvinov can do

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The comet came to the beating. Litvinov has taken root under the leadership of Karel Mleinek, wins, scores regularly. The suffering is gone. Now the team that struggled so much with results under Vladimir Ruzicka has turned Kometa into a meatloaf. One, two and done, fast process. According to the results of the first minute, Verva led 2:0, eventually winning 5:1. Almost retired goalkeeper Denis Godla is getting in shape.

Comet occasiolly hosts similar matches in the extraleague. If you play five on five, her hockey will definitely not make you euphoric. Yes, when one or two more people appear on the ice, the concert begins, he can superbly put on power games. And what if he doesn’t help here either, or is the opponent relatively disciplined, like Litvinov? There is a danger.

He came on Sunday. Verva made the proud team from Brno laugh. The team of coach Martin Pessuth had the only real chance to turn the tide of the game when, with the score 2:0, goalkeeper Denis Godla appeared in front of goalkeeper Denis Godla himself, but the current number one in Lithuania is now at large. Nothing happened.

Litvinov got off to a great start, and within a minute Dominik Furch came on as a substitute, conceding twice. As if the composition of the guests wandered somewhere in the pharmacy shop and wondered what the blazing flame was for. Yes, the one you always see from the road when you drive by. “Our start was absolutely tragic, everyone probably agrees with that,” coach Martin Peschut shook his head. “Then it ended with an own goal that made it 0-3, then we just made mistakes because of too much effort. There is nothing left but to congratulate the home team,” he added.

Indeed, you never doubted for a moment that the match would end in nothing but Litvinov’s triumph. “We were helped by two quick goals, after which we held on,” said striker Patrik Zdragal. “We kept the system, we continued to play our game, the whole team performed well for sixty minutes. We had other chances, everything could have ended with a better result,” he added.

Since Vladimir Ruzicek’s assistant Karel Mlejnek took over the team, things have gone well. With the new commander in chief, Verva scored fifteen points. How much of a shift is this? Enough. If things had continued at Ruzicek’s pace, the team would have achieved the aforementioned gain in points after twenty-three matches. Now he was seven.

Litvinovsk average points per game

under the leadership of Vladimir Ruzicka 0.64

under the leadership of Karel Mleenko 2.14

Despite a smooth start, the hosts’ coach remained rather tense in the match against Comet: “We were a little calmer until the score was 4-0. The players really went for it, they were humble and worked hard, the reward is three points.”

Mleyneka has a plan to stabilize the squad. You can see a big change of goalkeeper Denis Godley. Previously, you had the feeling that the club would prefer to put him on the first bus, which will be built for a very long time. Now he is so catchy that in Litvinov one must love him.

“I’m happy for him how he feels. He is a great boy, at the beginning of the season it was very difficult for him here, there was a little pressure on him. He handled it, he’s already scored five or six goals in Hradec,” Zdragal said.

For the third time in a row, Godla has maintained a success rate above 93%, the last time he did so was on February 25, 2022. “Keep catching,” he replied when asked what he needed to feel so good. “This is what is happening now, so I am very happy that I gained confidence and went to the net. I think with every game it can get better and better,” continued Godla. By the way, these verdicts have already been heard in Hradec. The next match only confirmed his words. He gave Verve confidence.

It can be seen that Giorgio Estefan wakes up as a striker who sent two goals into the Brno goal. Andriy Kudr is also still growing in performance and he is gradually becoming one of the most outstanding power forwards in the extraleague. In addition, the productivity of Jindrich Abdul or Piotr Straka is still waiting for you. Verve still has room to move, maybe even better. “We try to approach everything positively, cheer ourselves up. I think it will go up in the table and in the game room. We are already playing what we have to,” Zdrahal said.

Today • 15:30
HC VERVA Litvinov
20 November
3:30 p.m.
HC Comet Brno
HC Comet Brno
Watch online broadcast
VIDEO of the match HERE

Home: 00:16. Curly, 00:54. Reluctantly, 23:55 Wesley, 43:42. Estefan 47:14. Estefan

Guests: 55:09. Suess


Home: Godla (Zaichek) – Zeman, Zile, Jaks, Streychek, Wesley, Demel (A), Freibergs – Abdul, Sukel (K), Kudr – Zdrahal (A), Estefan, Sh. Stransky – Head, Gut, Straka – Havelka, Hey Zygmunt.

Guests: Furch (1. Chilyak) – Schotka, Chaloga, Hrbas, Kundratek (A), Gulashi (A), Kucherik – Fleck, Holik, Horki – Zatovich (C), Strömberg, Koblizhek – Suess, Sallinen, Vinkur – Chalet, Zboril, Some time.


J. Gribik, L. Queton – T. Herat, J. Spoor


Ivan Glinka Winter Stadium (Litvinov).


4009 spectators

HC VERVA Litvinov All about the club HERE

one. Pardubice twenty 12 four 3 one 66:37 47
2. Vitkovice twenty eleven 2 four 3 66:48 41
3. Trinec 19 ten one four four 59:40 36
four. Olomouc twenty ten 3 0 7 51:40 36
5. Brno 19 9 four 0 6 57:50 35
6. Mountfield twenty eight 2 one 9 52:52 29
7. K. Vari 21 7 3 2 9 56:72 29
eight. M. Boleslav twenty 5 four four 7 41:45 27
9. Pilsen 21 5 3 5 eight 57:62 26
ten. Liberec 19 3 5 6 5 55:56 25
eleven. Litvinov 21 6 one four ten 57:64 24
12. Sparta 21 5 four one eleven 52:60 24
13. No. Budejovice twenty 5 2 3 ten 45:60 22
fourteen. Positively 21 four 3 four ten 43:71 22
  • Playoff Generals
  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage

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