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Hearty meat dishes: 7 great recipes for a few crowns per serving

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Running out of dinner ideas? Keep your head up and try some of our honest meat dishes tips for a few crowns a serving. With these recipes, you will not only save money, but also please all those who cannot eat without meat.

With all the rise in prices, it’s good to think about where you can save money and at the same time not “steal”. Come and see for yourself with us that you can enjoy even for a few crowns! If you are wondering how you can save more, for example, water and energy at home, take a look at smart technology HERE.

Zucchini stuffed with minced meat

You all know stuffed peppers well, try using zucchini instead of pepper and come up with something origil. zucchini stuffed with minced meat. Due to the high proportion of water, zucchini easily absorbs spices and other ingredients. Don’t forget to sprinkle the feta cheese on the zucchini before baking. Slightly salty taste goes well with the spicy taste of minced meat and unleavened zucchini.

beer burritos

Spekachka is a tradition not to be missed at any campfire. beer burritos they will remind you of summer campfire evenings whenever you want. Fry bacon with onions, garlic, chili peppers and tomatoes in lard, add bell peppers and mustard. Place it all in a baking dish along with the bacon, pour over the beer and bake until golden brown. This sigture dish will appeal to many visitors.

Bulgur with baked vegetables and pork

Easy and fast! you can still cook bulgur with baked vegetables and pork. Juicy pork neck doesn’t always have to be part of junk food. Served with bulgur, it makes a great dinner. Plus, paired with roasted pumpkin and brussel sprouts, you’ll be licking your lips.

goulash soup

Goulash is one of the traditiol Czech soups. real fat goulash soup will fill and warm not only on autumn evenings. Try it according to our recipe and season it with hot pepper and wine. If you want a guaranteed success and spice up a boring dinner with something new, garnish it with sliced ​​and bacon-wrapped root vegetables at the end.

Classic lecho

Lecho is an excellent dish typical of Hungarian cuisine, which has become something familiar here. A mixture of tomatoes, peppers and eggs is a favorite dinner in many families. And what’s the best? Training classic libertine it only takes 20 minutes! However, a lighter vegetarian option without sausage in shape is also great. treating with scrambled eggs.

Risotto with meat

Risotto with meat it’s a safe bet. You can make a delicious option from pork that will not cost you too much effort and money. Add tomatoes, peppers, peas and in the morning there will be an excellent quick dish on the table. Before serving, don’t forget to sprinkle the risotto with Parmesan cheese, which perfectly balances all the flavors and gives the risotto the right zest!

Smunda Chapel

Imagine golden fried potato patties flavored with marjoram and garlic and stuffed with fried neck and sauerkraut. Smunda Chapel a folk dish of the mountain regions, which was already popular in the kitchens of our grandmothers. Try our recipe for a hearty dinner or weekend lunch.

Our advice:

Smoked products under the trademark K-Mistři from foch from Modletic! produced by Kaufland at its own meat processing plant near Prague. They contain at least 90% meat, are made according to the standards of the Czech Guild, are smoked on beech chips and do not contain flavor enhancers. Thanks to its delicious taste and juiciness, it received the Czech Chutsovka award.

If you do not feel like meat, you can cook your favorite potato pancakes >>>

Source: Blesk

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